Halloween Horror Nights 4 at Universal Studio Singapore!

So I finally found a chance to check out Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Night last Friday. Dragged K along coz I was too chicken to check out the place myself. I’ve been to USS once, but not during night time so as you could prolly guessed, I was pretty excited!

I thought the place was quite well decorated! You can’t dress up for the place so take note if you are thinking of visiting but fret not, there’s plenty of things to kinda jazz you up for the occasion!

I thought some of the novelty items were pretty cool! I have to admit I had to take a jello shot to brave myself through some of the horror house.

Sorry for the blurry pics, but I thought the pics does fit into this scary night theme pretty well, no?

Perhaps another shot?

Just a tip, if you aren’t a big fan to queuing up , you might really want to consider getting the express pass. Me and K spent nearly 3 hours queuing for all the rides, lucky for us we met the friendliest bunch of Malaysians(yay malaysians) who spent about an hour chatting with us whilst we were queuing. Always good to meet new friends , esp if they are from the same country!
We managed to finished all the rides by just half past 1, but I bet if we had got the express tickets we could have snuck in some rollercoaster rides too, ah well.

And of course, I couldn’t resist anything that is colorful and lights up at night so I bought myself a cotton candy floss. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t even really like cotton candy floss that much, I just thought that the fact that it lit up was pretty damn cool

So if you asked whether it was worth going for Halloween Night, I personally think it’s super worth it! You can get tickets “here” and if you are a maybank card holder, they have a good $10 dollars off discount off the tickets too!

Thanks so much for the scary night USS, till next year!

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