CNY according to my phone

Happy Chinese New Year guys

How’s your CNY so far? This year is a first for me, I actually barely took photos this year. I did manage to capture abit on my phone, but the CNY was a very hectic time for me as I was running around quite a fair bit. So here’s my CNY according to my phone

Photo on top(Left to right, top to bottom)
Reunion lunch at Hans Court,The Gardens, Fried fish, Sharkfin soup
Abalone with Mushroom(Personally I thought the food was just okay, nothing too spectacular), Milk Cow(I’m a dairy fan, so I loved it), Cousin’s homemade biscuits(AMAAAAAZING STUFF)
Teatime with dad,abit too dry of a wine,tea leaves I’ve been absolutely loving of late

鲍鱼蘑菇(我感觉,除了捞生以外,其他菜都不是很好吃),Milk Cow 冰淇淋(牛奶味重,我喜欢), 堂哥自做的饼干(真的好好吃)
陪爸爸喝茶,在家喝酒(觉得酒不太好喝,太干了), 最近爱上的茶叶

I also did manage to take a few photos on my DSLR bt


I’ve never had pineapple tarts from Starbucks before, guess there’s always a first time for everything.

Felt like I was having mooncakes HAHAHA. Not a big fan but gotta give it to them for the awesome packaging.

然后自己也偷跑到Namoo 吃午饭了。我觉得他午饭还好,就除了我那碗面以外,其他食物都好像差了点什么,吃得不太过瘾。
Had lunch at Namoo, loved my spicy seafood Aglio Olio but everything else was lacking abit of je ne sais quoi . Might try the place again during dinner, amazing ambience for lunch bt.

I also had some coffee to keep myself awake for the rest of the day. N decided to have abit of ice cream since he’s not a big fan of coffee himself

My darling brother also got me a super awesome birthday gift. It’s probs the first time I’ve received anything Louboutin. I’ve never seen a nail polish as fancy of a packaging as this. Color pigmentation is amazing and application is awesome too, downside? Steeeep pricing for a nail polish in my opinion


So guys, how’s your CNY?

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