Merchant Lane

Dragged C over the weekend for brunch at Merchant Lane. Usually quite reluctant to head down to KL but since it was a Sunday morning, traffic was pretty decent and parking for once wasn’t a pain. We parked at this parking lot just right across the cafe but us being us, we got lost and walked towards the petaling markets instead HAHA. Luckily we found this sign board that led us back to the cafe. Handy.

The cafe is quite hidden, but you just have to look out for a small teal door next to a stationary shop on Jalan Petaling itself. Once you do, just push open the door and you’ll have to walk up a flight of stairs

oh and incase you are ever wondering how the door looks like. They’ve got 3 sections, the dining area, the outdoor area and a sofa lounge area, which you can find this rattan hammock/swingchair? . Pretty cool

Love the decor and love how old the building is.

The outdoor area is beautiful but we will come back to that later.

First, the drinks. I have to say I am really impressed with the honey rose latte

I ordered the dish with the salmon, sorry I can’t remember the name but it was something like the Norwegian salmon dish or something. My eggs were cooked to perfection and the salmon was nicely done, though I wouldn’t recommend waiting too long before eating because they chill pretty quickly. It was however a very refreshing meal.

C ordered the Better than Sex and I have to say this thing was the bomb diggity. Def the highlight of the day.

Seeing how my drink was so pretty, I couldn’t help but to want to order another latte, but as I approach the counter I found them making another customer the earl grey tea latte and changed my mine immediately to this. Look at how prettttty it is! Yes, it was actually a really good cup of earl grey tea latte too so double win for me.

The outdoor area wasn’t too big, but it was very relaxing. Does get a little warm when the sun comes out but hey, that’s how you get pretty photos ya.

and yes, just couldn’t help taking a few more photos with the lattes. too pretty, just way too pretty

Ending the post with a silly gif
Happy Monday all!

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