Things to eat in Sapporo | 札幌必吃

Things you must eat in Sapporo | 札幌市必吃
I felt like I did nothing but shop in Sapporo. Mainly because I was there with my mom and aunts, who happily would prefer shopping over anything else. I’ll link my shopping haul just below if you are interested otherwise just keep scrolling to see what are the must eat when you are in Sapporo itself
说真的,我在札幌还真的除了逛街还是逛街了,所以说要问我去过哪里,我还真的回答不出来,可是还真的和妈妈阿姨败了好多东西回家了。 但是呀,问我吃的,我还可以回答你了,所以这篇文章我就来个札幌必吃吧~可是有兴趣看我这次旅游败了什么的朋友,可以看看这个视频了
Sapporo | 札幌
Sight Seeing | 景点
I’ll be completely frank, the only 2 things I saw on my trip that wasn’t the malls were these 2 buildings. The tokeidai and the Sapporo TV Tower
Tokeidai |时钟台
Sapporo TV Tower|さっぽろテレビ塔
Nijo Market | 二条市场

Being famous for their seafood, there is no way you can miss out the fish market. Here you can find the freshest seafood in town, of course, it wasn’t as big as the Hakodate fish market, but kid you not, my prawn was still moving when he served it and I just couldn’t eat it alive so I waited till it died before consuming it
爱吃海鲜的人,绝对不能错错这个地方了。你不爱吃海鲜你也得来看一看他们的二条市场。虽然不比Hakodate 的来的大,但是海鲜还是不错的。就想说新鲜嘛,来吃个虾sashimi, 结果虾呈上来的时候
Honestly even the restaurant next to the fish market has the best crab porridge ever

I generally love Ikura, so this is a total win dish for me


Out of all the (normal)strawberries I’ve had, this is my fav strawberry brand!
Don’t forget to try their Okonomiyaki!
千万别忘了吃 okonomiyaki 呀,自己动手煮一煮的感觉也不错~

Soup Curry Lavi | 咖喱
Then this was a surprise to me, never would I have imagine they serve really good curry here. And I’m not talking about Japanese curry, but curry curry, like the ones we usually have with coconut milk in it. This was a little on the spicier side but I absolutely loved it.
Convenient store finds | 便利商店
This I found from the convenient store, only available in Hokkaido so I def wasn’t gonna miss out on it. Tasted pretty good actually

Then you def gotta try their local brand calpis

To be completely honest, I don’t think I’ve actually manage to do Sapporo justice, but I know how I’m like, I’m generally one to go for scenic places than the city much more. For those who feel the same and are planning your trip to Hokkaido, why not give Niseko a thought this summer?

Air Asia is increasing their flights to Hokkaido starting 22nd April 2016 and are promoting their packages to Niseko.Now though we all know Niseko is popular for it’s ski, it’s also stunningly beautiful during summer.

我个人是觉得札幌市是个很不错的城市,但是如果让我选择的话,我还是会比较喜欢不太城市化的地方(虽然是这样说,可是我还是特别喜欢京都的),和我有同感的人,可以考虑亚航最近推出的Niseko 配套哦。 虽然说Niseko 是出名他们的雪山,可是夏天去Niseko 也是绝对不错的选择哦,因为风景也是很漂亮的,你还可以自己学一学怎么样做乳制产品哦~
A group tour package for a minimum of 10 guests per group

Inclusive of

Return flights to Sapporo from Kuala Lumpur

4 or 5 nights’ accommodation at MY ecolodge

Local airport transfer, meals and ground activities

Prices ranging from RM3,900* to RM4,800* per guest.

Travelling period is from June to October 2016 except July 2016.

Prices inclusive of airport taxes, booking fees, 20kg baggage allowance and standard seat selection.

Reservations can be made by contacting Fairlane Hospitality Group Desk at nisekosupersummersaver@ or call 03-4048 3668.

And that is it for my recent Hokkaido trip!
My next trip is prolly this coming weekend, it’s gonna be a short one but it will be much fun too! Got plenty of exciting things to share with you guys this week so do come back and watch this space k!
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