Bali Memories | 回忆巴厘岛

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Taking a break from all my Japan post to blog about Bali. My trip to Bali didn’t turn out the way it should have been, mainly because I fell horribly ill on the trip (finally feeling better now) but I still tried to had fun regardless of my situation. I didn’t really get to go to much places, mainly because I just really didn’t had the energy for anything at all but I was so glad that the driver we hired was so nice and so thoughtful,little acts like making sure we have drinks in the car each day, he really did made my trip so much easier. If anyone is looking for drivers in Bali, please do contact Nanoex.
I’ll get just the basics accom and transportation info done first, especially since I slept most trip away, but on some days I did manage to wake up to check out my hotel lol, 2 that were worth mentioning are Anulekha and Rama Beach Hotel. Both were reasonably priced, very nice service but both hotel had totally different feel to it. I felt that Anulekha(first set of photos) was more balinese whilst Rama Beach Hotel(second set of photos) had more on to a traditional Indo feel to the hotel.

So don’t ask me what I’ve eaten throughout my trip, all I had was porridge and mee soto but there’s one restaurant that I thought was extremely beautiful, and it was Bebek Teba Sari. The view was so different! You are seated right next to the paddy fields and the food was good too!
别问病猫吃了什么,我全程只记得自己除了吞粥,喝汤,就还是在吃粥啊!可是有家餐厅让我留下了深刻的印象,就是Bebek Teba Sari。这家食物不错,可是风景超级无敌棒。看着稻田吃午饭,我还是第一次也~

Moving onto prettier things….<span class="su-quote-cite">me!</span>
Right, let’s backtrack a little, I flew MAS airline this time around and totally did not regret it! Return tickets were less than RM500 and it was such a good price! Happily charged my phone on the plane with the usb slot provided and had meals and drinks as well as in flight entertainment to keep me entertained for the next 3 hours. I will be putting out the photos I took but won’t be writing much on it because I intend this to be more of a photo memory log but if you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email!
好了就从开始说起吧。这次飞了马航,价钱来回少过500, 可是觉得超值得的。既不烦飞机上闷死,也不怕饿死,因为飞机上有提供娱乐和食物的服务哦~

夏热男吗 =p
Beachboys? =p

So that’s pretty much all the photos I’ve got for my Bali trip! I was there to attend a wedding so I was quite chillax about my trip but I am def sure I will be back soon as I am very much in love with Ubud! Wasn’t a huge fan of Kuta, but Ubud stole my heart! It’s such a beautiful place and I def look forward to going back sometime soon
巴厘岛的照片就这样咯~毕竟是要参加婚礼,所以也对行程没什么安排,加上自己也病了,所以也没真正去走。但是我真的好喜欢Ubud 的感觉啊,觉得Ubud 超舒服的,相比下,Kuta 就真的太繁忙了,不是很喜欢。下次再会,巴厘岛~
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