When in Budapest | 布达佩斯

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On moving from my previous trip in Vienna, we took the train and went straight to Budapest.Again, 36 hours in a city but this time in Budapest. I guess the weather wasn’t very kind to us, was really too hot for my liking but heck, it was summer and I guess it was just something I had to endure since I chose to travel at this time.

I’m not sure if it was the vibe or the building structure, but the city didn’t feel very friendly, at least to me anyways. But accommodation wise, we found this tiny little gem(have to admit we were very intimidated by the exterior of the building) just near tourist areas itself. *link* Walk approx half hour towards the city center you’ll get the Danube river.
住宿方面嘛,说真的出了他的外表看起来挺恐怖的,其实房子装修真的很不错。*网址*从屋子走个半小时,就可以抵达到Danube 河边了

We played pokemons, well and it all is credit to Travel Recommend’s wifi device, which I’ve previously blogged about but incase you are wondering, here is their facebook link again. Enjoy the photos btw!
这次还真的靠这个travel recommend 的 modem, 不然我就真的没得玩神奇宝贝了。好了,就让你们慢慢看照片吧~

New York Cafe
One of the very pretty cafe I’ve had the luxury of having breakfast. The prices are a little steep but for the ambience, it’s really pretty nice to have a cuppa in the morning before you head off for a little adventure.

Then it was fishermans bastion. This place is incredible。
In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t takeMe

and ended our trip in Budapest just like this. I really wished the weather was a little kinder to us, but I did get my wish in Slovakia, seeing how with the rain the temperature dropped and we had a nice 13-15 deg weather for the next 3 days in Europe

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