Hong Kong & Chinese New Year Break

Hong Kong | 香港
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I know I’ve taken a fornight of a break, but it really was that kinda situation where I felt that if i didn’t take a proper break from everything, I wouldn’t have to time to do so for the coming months.I promised myself that I’d do a few things by the end of this year so I’m just doing things to make sure I can actually achieve these goals. Just slightly before Chinese New Year, I’ve had to make a work trip to Hong Kong. It was a very short trip, around 2 half days I’d say but I’ve gotten to see Hong Kong in a new light, though I’ll have to admit I’m still not the biggest fan of the place, just only because it’s too hectic but the people there were really quite nice!
这两个星期的假期还真的好过瘾啊。其实也趁春节,就索性休息不写部落格了。 好啦,不多说,就说回上次去了香港之小旅吧。这次去香港还算是短行程,毕竟也是为了工作。老实说,我还不是特别喜欢香港,但却因为这次的旅游,用了不同的眼光看香港。其实那边的人也算是蛮亲切的,可能碍于生活方式,结果表达的方式也不一样。
I honestly think Hong Kong’s Ritz Carlton had the best view.还是这家的景色最佳
We travelled with different transportations, though mostly with just taxis and have had the pleasure to chatting with the drivers about different cultures
We visited the flower market and the bird vendor area, and found really cool handmade cages

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