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What’s in my handbag
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Thought I’d do a what’s in my handbag since i’ve been going around with just these few items on a daily basis. I’m due for another trip to Hong Kong next week then a few unconfirmed trips in between before heading to Perth end of March. Quite a pack schedule I have to admit but I’m so far really enjoying everything.I realise I usually horde quite a fair bit of items in my handbag but I never end up using it. So when I purchased this Givenchy bag, I told myself that I had to only and only put the things I’ll end up using or need into the bag due to it’s limited space. So here’s a what’s in my handbag post!
So here you go, a breakdown to the items that’s in my handbag. I usually will also have my handphone and my passport, if I’m travelling but otherwise that’s pretty much it. I have a packet of candy which works as a pick me up when I’m running out and about, an essential bag from Jo Malone that contains some items I need but too easily lost. My carkeys, housekeys, wallet and my makeup pouch are pretty much the remaining that goes into the bag.
好啦,包包里面就有这几个东西。通常还会有一个电话,然后旅游的时候会有个护照,但是大约就是这样。 我的车钥,钱包,化妆包,糖果还有装其他东西的小包。
My wallet has all my credit card, ID and cash. As you can tell I’ve got quite fair bit of foreign currency at the moment because of the recent travels. I also have my Hong Kong MRT card for my upcoming trip.A few spare namecards in my wallet but otherwise there’s nothing else I keep in there because I don’t really like my wallet being too fat
Now if you’ve noticed the bunny from the handbag picture, you’d be pleasantly surprised to know that it is actually a powerbank! This bunny is 7200MaH and does work perfectly when I’m travelling. It sits like a keychain so I do not forget to bring and because it’s attached to my handbag.This way I know I won’t accidentally chuck it into my checkin bag when I travel. My housekeys held in this really worn down braun buffel key wallet I purchased in Singapore.It also contains my token for my bank as well as my ezlink card.Also contains a korea MRT card(gotta take this out soon and replace it with my Oyster card actually).
如果你在上面的照片看到了我的兔子,我现在要和你说,兔子是充电器来的哦(也肯定是仿毛)~ 这样以来旅游的时候一定不会忘了带充电器,也不会把充电器丢入行旅箱里面checkin 了。 家里钥匙就放在这个用了很久的钥匙包里,所以上面还有我的新加坡卡还有韩国mrt 卡(要把它换成我的英国地铁卡里)
And to this black Jo Malone pouch I got from the Jo Malone shop. I found the dust bag the perfect size to contain my other items that is easily tangled up with my other items. I keep both my USB, to charge the bunny and to charge my phone in this pouch.I also keep an EOS handcream(purchased from Taipei). Sometimes I don’t bring my makeup pouch out but as we all know we’ve got excellent sweat guaranteed weather here in Malaysia so I keep a hairtie for just incase situations

然后就是这个猪马龙的套,这个其实还算是很好用的,我就拿来装我的电话充电的一些cable, 等等的东西。有时候忘了带化妆包出门,就也会忘了带绑头发的东东出去,所以,这个包里还是会放一个绑头发的。然后就是我的护手霜。
Then moving onto my makeup pouch, you’ll find a pen in the midst of all makeup. Only because I absolutely fear my pen will leak and stain my bag so I keep it in my makeup pouch instead haha! Here I have the items that I need to put on a simple makeup. I’ve got my eyebrow pencils,2,just incase one’s not sharpened.A lip balm, 1 lipgloss and 3 lipsticks because we can never have too many lip products.A mascara, a smudge proof eyeliner from Maybelline(this is seriously the best).An eyelash glue for emergency cases.You’ll also find another hairtie in this pouch because I seem to lose them quite easily
Those are the items that usually goes into the main compartment of the bag. As for the side pocket I usualy just keep my namecards should I’m meeting anyone for that day.
So that pretty much conclude the items that goes into my handbag! What are yours?

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