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Long due post, but for a good reason, was recovering from all the flying and I’ll have to say I’ve been better. Without further ado, let’s get it going shall we? I’m sure if you’re planning to go to Perth, you’d be able to search for plenty, and I mean PLENTY of tips to where to go and what to do whilst you are there. I sometimes find those tips a little touristy, especially if you are reading them from very chinese forums and i do have to admit that quite a couple of the things on the list just does not attract me, at all (bell tower, seriously?) I’ll split my Perth visit into 2 post, one for down south and Lancelin and one for Perth itself.
说真的,我常被人问,珀斯有什么好玩的,但是说真的每个人好玩的定义不一样,我个人不太喜欢太过旅客的观光景点,所以都会尽力避免这些地方,但是就还是觉得不介绍这些地方会被人杀掉的感觉。 这篇文章呢,是我个人觉得挺不错的一些地点啦,至于你们会不会喜欢,那就见仁见智,在那边生活了那么久,你要我跑去旅客必去的地方,还真的有点难度了。珀斯篇会分两个哦,这篇就是给珀斯的,然后另一片会是西澳(南下)必走
The most common thing I get asked is, ” but perth is boring right?” and if you want me to be completely honest, I’ll tell you that is not the case at all, but of course if you are looking for places where you can hop from club to club and expect crazy night scene and a bustling city to shop during the day, then maybe Perth is not your ideal holiday destination(I’m sure no one has ever told you feeding ducks in the park when you are in KL city is a brilliant thing to do too) . Perth isn’t quite the exact best location for shopping/clubbing but it is pretty awesome in it’s own way. So what should you do?
The Beach
If you ain’t going to the beach, you ain’t going to Perth. I kid you not, they are beautiful and not very far away from the city at all. I personally love cottesloe for it’s super calm waves but if you want to snorkel/surf, the beach up north are much better of a choice. Morning swims are apparently quite popular HAHA we dragged ourselves outta bed at 6 in the morning and had a dip in the sea when the weather was all cool and nice. Water was freezing but was it worth it? Yes
To visit
Cottesloe Beach
Mettams Pool ( great for snorkeling and morning swim)
Scarborough Beach
City Beach

There are plenty of beautiful parks in Perth. You can always choose a nice fine arvo and head to park, sit down relax, have some sandwiches, champagne and feed the ducks……Or you could just go straight and feed the ducks, I like feeding ducks, makes me happy. Kings Park has the biggest grounds, but there are plenty of other beautiful options around that’s great for activities like bird viewing too.
然后啊珀斯真的很多很漂亮的公园。在大马去野餐,你真的还是有点*自由发挥* 但是在珀斯,天气很不错的时候你去野餐也是一个很不错的感觉。自己准备点食物,没时间的话,就直接去喂鸭子,看看不同的鸟类,也是很不错的。
To visit
Kings Park (check out Jacob’s ladder whilst you are at it)
Hyde Park
Queen’s Garden
City Beach


Perth’s coffee scene is rather fantastic. I personally am a huge fan of their coffee as well as their pastries. To be honest it’s rather difficult to get bad coffee, unless you visit major chain coffee shops or if you decide to get a cuppa from maccas but otherwise you should be quite ok. Tip: If unsure, just see if you get plenty of locals dropping by to get a to go coffee, if there’s quite a fair number of people doing so, chances are, coffee’s decent. Or if you can’t be bothered waiting, just google locate your location and there should be reviews on google map
When a city is built along the waters, you just can’t expect them to not have any sorts of water activities. If you have time to spare,head over to the beach and do abit of surfing and snorkeling but if you aren’t as big of a fan of the open waters, you could also do some calmer water sports along Swan River. Catamarans are quite fun, or if you are up for it, they also provide services such as stand up paddling, kayaking and other watersports.
Places to visit
This is quite a tricky one, mainly because there’s only so much things you can do to sightsee in Perth. I’m just gonna go ahead and list them all down, well the ones I think is quite worth checking out if you’ve never been to Perth.
To visit
Fremantle Markets
Fremantle Prison (try the night tour!)
Little Creatures Brewery(Ask for the free tasting samples, bring your passport!)
Perth Foreshore/ South Perth
Perth CBD
Perth Mint
London Court
Elizabeth Quay (if and when it’s fully open)
Watertown(if you like brands outlet)
Blue House along Riverside Drive
University of Western Australia
Hillarys Boat Harbour

Well I have a couple of favorite spots for food. I know taka is a popular option budget wise but seriously it’s worth putting aside a budget just for the food. If you are really on a budget, then perhaps visiting the supermarkets to get some fresh food to cook would be a good idea. The portions here are quite huge so if you aren’t a big eater, you might even get away being able to share the food with your other half.
To visit
Kailis Trigg Beach
Amber Jacks (please no more cicerello’s,just no)
Grill’d (my fav spot for burgers)
Little Creatures
C Restaurant This I’ve not been but dining on the 33rd floor sounds pretty amazeballs to me, pretty pricey bt, so probs check out the website first
Good Fortune Roast Duck No seriously, this is pretty good
Viet food is really good, so check them out if you want something cheaper but still good
but otherwise you could always check out Zomato to see what is good around you
If you really wanna grab a drink after, check out some local bars Bars you should visit In Perth
Day Trips
There are a couple of places you could head to for day trips in Perth. Depending on what you are after, but you could see quokkas on Rottnest island, koalas at Cavershem, vineyards at swan valley etc. These are places that will likely take up a full day to visit around but they are quite close to the city so you don’t have to spend the night out of Perth.
To visit
Rottnest Island
Swan Valley
Yanchep National Park
Cavershem Wildlife Park
and that is all I’ve got for Perth, see you again very soon and I’ll be updating places you could check out out of Perth!
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