Thank you 2018

2018, what a year. I can’t believe I took a years break off writing but I promise it wasn’t for no good reason! This year I actually spent plenty of time infront of my computer, but instead of writing, I did plenty of research on post-editing work. I’ve spent at least about a few hours each day learning how to post-process photos, edit videos and to better improve content creation and I must say, I’m quite proud of myself seeing how far I’ve advanced in just a year.

2018 就这样飞过了。今年真的都几乎没来写部落格了,说没兴趣也不是真的,可是当照片和视频都没办法达到我想要的要求的时候,写部落格看着自己不太满意的照片,还真的有点失落。所以今年,我还真的花了很多心思在照片和视频的处理工作做了好多功课。


Travels in 2018

Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers.

heh ._. sorry, I know I’ve not even updated my travels for even the ones I’ve made in 2017 but I think with the new template I should be much inspired to do so. Regardless, I thought I should share with you

I’ll start with some more recent edits first and slowly work my way back heh!



I felt that this year I travelled lesser, that said I felt that each trip def felt alot longer as we managed to really stay and learn more about the places we’ve been. The highlights of the year would def be summer in Europe but I have to say it was a very hard pick. I spent plenty of time with my family this year round and it was something I’m pretty proud of myself of. Truth be told I wasn’t expecting myself to be back in Europe in Summer but I was, and had a great time indeed. Will write more about this soon but for now you can watch my video~




Summer in Europe 2018

Sometime earlier than my Europe trip I made 2 trips to China. Once to Macau and the other in Kun Ming, and it was great! I have to say Kun Ming was def a different experience as their daily system is so different to ours. Surprisingly everything was so easy it was all just a click of button on your phone and you can get almost everything done!


你要买东西没带现金,没事,微信付款就好。肚子饿了要找东西吃,没事,微信外卖就好。微信还真的是万能通啊。他爷爷奶奶我们在大马还要等多久才可以有同样的一个系统啊。主要还是一个app 可以搞定大部分的东西呀

Watch my vlog whilst I was there

Then I also visited Macau, I wasn’t expecting to stay a full 5 days there but I did, and I would say, summer was def not my fav month to visit hahah! However, the place itself was so interesting. You’ve got the glamour of the casinos but yet all the remains of the historical bits which made it a very educational trip. I’m def looking forward to doing a proper blog on these trips sometime soon!



你没看错,是真的五天哈哈哈哈哈哈! 其实说真的,澳门真的不大,所以如果你要一日游完澳门是绝对有可能的事情,但是五天的旅程,我本来以为会有点闷,但是说真的,如果真的慢慢走的话,澳门,还真的是个很有趣的地方。赌场的风光我就不说了,可是当地的文化和人物还是可以让你有很多的惊喜的

I also did a birthday trip with Nat this year to Nha Trang(can’t wait for our next) but more bout this later else this whole post will be of nothing but travel logs.



Surprisingly, I’m still gymming in the year 2018. I have to say I really do quite enjoy it more now since I really do feel quite good after exercising. However, I’ve def come to the conclusion that evening classes are much torture for me because I get so much energy at night it’s almost impossible to get a good nights rest!




I def also have done alot more homework on videography and photography editing, which I’m actually really happy and I can’t wait to do more projects in the coming year



I would like to say I def kept my 2018 resolutions this year and I am intending to further bring it to the year of 2019.


To produce at least one video each month
To be better with my time management
To be less tolerant to things I do not want to associate myself with
To learn how to fly that drone
To do more solo travels in 2019!
And most importantly, to challenge myself more in 2019

And that is it! I do update plenty much more on my instagram so if you haven’t followed me already, please feel free to do so to see more updates! @yukikotan

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