What we did in Bordeaux

I miss Bordeaux


I went with my sis the summer before last and we had a blast.It was really difficult to decide on destination as we wanted to go to so many places but we ended up flipping a coin and decided for Bordeaux at last.We were mostly in a tipsy state throughout the holiday but when wine is cheaper than tea for breakfast, it’s hard to resist.




Rainy days

Weather was miserable however, it rained most the days we were there but we did manage to get a few hours of sunlight each day


We stayed in this charming little airbnb(unfortunately I can’t find the link anymore) but it was just above a super lively street, which meant that we had noise till late night and the long summer hours didn’t make it easier for us to rest. However, it was so incredibly convenient for us to get around town.

住宿就Airbnb 解决了。我记得那时候因为夏天,天都好长,所以十一点的时候还听到好多人在楼下的餐厅聊天。还好我和我妹妹那时候也真的走了好多路,所以也真的累了,外面的声,也没什么影响到我们的睡眠质量啊


I don’t think we ever did take a break from eating. I’m not ever a big eater but even my sister was amazed at the amount of food we both manage to consume throughout our trip. It was very difficult to find restaurants that served less than decent food in Bordeaux, and the easiest indication to spot a good restaurant is if you just follow the crowd. The only thing I was probably disappointed was that we didn’t manage to find a place that serve pastry that really wow-ed us. Everything else was brilliant


Around Bordeaux

It was really easy getting around Bordeaux. You either walk, or you catch a train if the walk is a little too far for your liking.
Le miroir d’eau was def my fav spot around Bordeaux but the parks were a good place to chill too


Le miroir d’eau
Jardin Public
Jardin Public
Girondins Monument
Opera National de Bordeaux
Bordeaux Cathedral
Day Trips

We made 2 day trips out of the city and visited Arcachon and Saint Emilion. Both places was just a train ride away and it was really easy to get around IF it was good weather. There’s actually abit more to wine in Saint Emilion


We took a day tour around the city, which included a wine tasting tour and visited the Monolithic church(strongly recommended)

We also took the train out to Arcachon on one of the days. Unfortunately for us, it was raining quite a fair lot so we had to cancel our trip to the sand dunes and stayed in for just oysters. I have to say it still sounded like a great idea to me hah.


But all in all it was a good trip and I def would say I’d make another trip back to some of the other areas of Bordeaux.

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