Melb & Sydney Photolog

Hello again ._.
Back with a photolog from Melbourne and Sydney this time. I’ve been experimenting heaps on photo editing recently and I have to say I really have been loving it. I guess there’s always mixed reactions to these, some would prefer the photos to be in their original color state but I do like experimenting with different styles every now and then. Australia is always a dream to take photos in, I don’t know why but it just always is compared to Malaysia, I hear the humidity of the atmosphere can change how vibrant your photo turns out too I didn’t manage to take too much photos but I do have a vlog ! Hope you guys enjoy it, if not, i hope you enjoy the photos!




My cousin even brought us to the award winning pizza place in Crown and I have to say.. I was pretty darn impressed


My fav place? LUNE
God this place is unbelievable! the croissants are so incredibly good it’s totally worth the queue and wait AND waking up early in the morning if i ever had to do it every weekend to get my croissant fix. Legit legendary place.


Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all – Helen Keller

We also were in Sydney


Def one of my fav places to be in Sydney

I have to admit we didn’t really do as much as I thought we’d do and spent most times just by the beach. Can’t blame me but! it’s such a great feeling to just be by the beach


right, so that’s it for my photolog! next post will be proper blog so stay tuned!


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