Europe (Chapitre 1)

but I was expecting to be the kind of person who’d have a year to look forward to my Europe trip..not 10 days


Anyways, I’m sorry this post came so late! I didn’t even realised I haven’t had this written out but I guess here we go?

You’ll be seeing tons of me and my cousin in the next few blogposts actually since we spent 3 weeks together on this trip.Qian was on summer break and was with me in the room when my mom announced her decision that we’d be going to Europe, so she ended up being one of the “we” lol . As it was her first time going to Europe, she was really confused about how she felt as she was really dead set being the person who’d plan for her Europe trip for a year, and then be excited for it for a year, but now she only has 10 days to process those feelings. She’s so incredibly cute though, I think she’s probably the only person I know who thoroughly enjoyed every single plane meal we’ve had hahah

Austria -> Český Krumlov ->Austria (Day Trip)

I think we only stayed in Amsterdam for about 2 and half days and flew to Vienna, to take a train to Linz to visit a family friend. Then from Linz, we decided to do a day trip to drive to Český Krumlov. If you don’t know, Český Krumlov is one of Unesco Heritage sites that sits on the bank of the Vltava River. The small town is built around a 13th century Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements Castle and is damn freaking bloody beautiful of a place.

Eeks I gotta run but for now I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos and I’ll end the post with the vlog I made.. I guess if you watch it you’ll know where we went after!

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