Iceland 2020

Still in quite abit of a denial that this was my only overseas trip for the year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely grateful that it happened but it’s also quite sad knowing that this would probably be the “last” trip I’ll ever have not worrying about viruses or facemasks when travelling.

So erm, Iceland..I’ve never thought much about Iceland to be honest, yeah sure I’ve seen tons of incredible photos of the place but I just never really thought I’d be going there anytime soon…so naturally when I did visit the place, I really didn’t quite know what to expect. I was so busy before my trip I barely had time to do any research ( I almost didn’t even had time to pack-.-) so I thought since I’m travelling with family , I’d just let Iceland surprise me instead.

it was snowy, icy and cold..exactly how i like it ._.

If you don’t know already, I love the cold weathers, and I generally do alot better as a human being when the temperature is much lower..However, I’m not quite sure I could say the same about the winds.. We were there when Storm Dennis hit Iceland so on Valentines Day, all our plans got cancelled and we had to stay in but at least I did manage to get some good photos through this trip. My mom, being the risk taker insisted that we travelled to the Blue Lagoon once the red flag warning turned into a yellow flag lol so instead of the blue calming lagoon, it felt like we were swimming in the blue ocean due to the winds but nonetheless a very interesting night to remember.

What Did I Learn in Iceland

þetta reddast

it will all work out okay
  • Food is insanely expensive, and very little options of restaurants when you aren’t in the city so we cooked and ate in quite a fair bit.
    • That said, seafood is pretty decent there hahahaha
  • The end of the rainbow does not have pots of gold
    • therefore I am still not crazy rich
      • Still very upset over it
  • If you do not like the cold, do not visit Iceland during winter… me
  • When they say strong winds, they mean strong winds. I actually got blown away by the winds once when going into the lava tube (Raufarhólshellir) and it was really not fun.
First OOTD photo!

and Seljalandsfoss! This is one of the very unique waterfalls where you could actually walk around it during warmer weathers.

This is where my pot of gold should have been =(

Anyways, guys, this is Skógafoss waterfall, South Coast of Iceland, 25m (82 ft) wide and 60m (197 ft) high

I know I know, most my friends asked me the same question too

How are you wearing a skirt when the temperatere is -8 degree celcius?? I have to admit it’s not the smartest decision I’ve made in my life but def not one of the worst either. I’m generally quite ok with the cold so I think I coped ok, def wished I dressed up more but pretty darn happy that I didn’t coz of the photos I got out of it HAHAH

Let’s talk caves

Did you know, part of the ice caves in Iceland melts every summer and form again during winter so they are always different every year you visit them.

The thing about Iceland is that we are trapped there anyway, all of us. We have been trapped there for thousands of years.

Baltasar Kormakur
Well with a view like this, I don’t think I’d mind being trapped here

Kirkjufells , aka mountain shaped like an arrowhead in GOT

Nothing burns like the cold

George R.R. Martin

One the last 2 days of our trip, our roadtrips were mostly cancelled due to the storm so we had to stay in. Fortunately for us, we were back in the city and have had good accommodation and managed to even sneak in a quick trip to the blue lagoons at night. Naturally with the lack of light we didn’t really take much photos but I don’t think I’ll ever forget that amazing experience

So I guess that’s it for my Iceland photolog..2 more months till the end of year 2020, wow time really flies. Stay safe everyone!

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