Summer in Hokkaido

*Warning * Heavy photo post ahead

heh I don’t even have an apology nor an excuse for the photos being delayed for a year so erm ya haha. Last year around this time, I was in Hokkaido/Seoul with my family for a really short trip. By short I meant about 4 days in Hokkaido and 36 hours in Seoul before flying back to Malaysia. I’ve only ever visited Hokkaido in winter so this trip felt very different as we were just about to go into the summer season. I got to drive around , which was nice (it was my first experience driving in Japan), managed to experience another outdoor onsen, and saw a wild fox and her tsukune babies!!! Summer in Hokkaido was def fun but I’ll be super honest and say I still prefer it in winter. I hope you enjoy the photos and hopefully soon, we’ll be able to travel around again safely!

I love curries, japanese curries especially so you can imagine my excitement when we stumbled across this little shop after visiting the flower fields. Kintaro was def not part of the plan but we were hungry and it was one of the higher rated restaurants that was near us. I have to say the meal was delicious, loved the curry, and loved their okonomiyaki even more!

I wanna eat those things that they usually eat in Japan that’s nice


Lake Aoiike – 青い池

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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