Care for a tea sir?

So last Thursday, I had to attend a K-Palette event (Which I will blog about it later, very interesting and learnt heaps of tips for makeups which I will be sharing in the blogpost)

But just right before that me and Sandy decided to have some tea before the event started.
Asked the concierge where she’d recommend us for tea and she directed us to Tea Republic on the 2nd floor.

I don’t drink coffee( for very obvious reason I talk too much even without coffee) but I’m a heavy tea addict!

I prolly will have this quote up in my bedroom soon. Seeing how people stop for tea is so.. =D

The place is small and cozy, has alot of interesting items but I couldn’t be bothered looking at it because I know myself too well. I’m a huge sucker for packaging and I’d literally buy anything just because it looks “cute”, even if I have absolute no use for it.

Don’t ask me what I ordered because I have absolutely no idea but if you ask them for a black tea that goes well with milk, I’m quite sure they’d recommend you the same tea.

Love the smell of tea!

and when you add milk. Life’s pretty awesome by then(in my opinion anyways).

I loved this tea, perfect for those afternoon chit chatting session. Without the milk I found the tea a little dry but the milk did the magic for me. Sui Ying however liked the tea without milk.

Sandy was a little camera shy so I took photos of her awesome DIY nails

Her drink

and well since she was camera shy I got her to take photos of me instead. I’m such a genius I know=D

I love the detailing of the back of this dress. Makes me wanna go back to Sportsgirl to shop again.
I usually won’t wear the lace tube inside but since I’m in Malaysia, don’t wanna grab too much attention

So random question,
You guys a tea or coffee addict?

My outfit for that day

Have you hyped yet?

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