Of batmans and chicken wings.

AHhh I’m blogging from Genting’s Starbucks. Highland’s hotel specifically. Gonna be up here for a month so yeahhh gonnna be pretty interesting!
Why you ask?
I’m here working on the SUPERSTARS OF MAGIC 2 production!
Make sure you guys come check it out because it’s gonna be super magical!

Anyways, spent my last saturday in KL for the coming 6 weeks with the boy.
Decided to head out for Dimsum

The driver for the day

I’m sure we had way more than this but I could only take photos of so much because I WAS SO HUNGRY!

Hungry guy about to dig in

I super love Siew Mai! It’s like a must for me when I go for dimsum!

Once I have my dimsum, I generally don’t care what other food comes on the table.

Har Gao

yeah so that’s kinda all that I’ve got for the dimsum photos. erm.. Go Siew Mai?

Anyways, drop by centrepoint to pick up some stuff for the magicians for Superstars of Magic.. but before that I manage to take some outfit of the day photos.

I quote Nate
“You see, the secret to taking good photos is quantity over quality” =.=”” =.=

My full outfit photo is at the bottom of this post.

Anyways, we went over to the Fashion Bazaar at JayaOne later that night.

The fashion bazaar

I thought the place is pretty cool! Manage to pick up 3 pieces of clothings I really like!(2 of them at the price of RM15) too!

Then Nate’s friend decided to come late and we were pretty famished so we decided to scout around for food.

Decided to head over to Fontera for some chicken works.

Ordered the chicken wings in Spicy Habenero because Nate wasn’t feeling too adventurous that night(I would say he just can’t eat spicy food in general=p )

I thought the chicken wings were really good(Though I’m no big fan of chicken meat but I love love love the sauce!) Can’t wait to go back for a second visit!

Chicken Burrito

Hmm, this burrito however was quite a let down. Perhaps we weren’t a big fan of capsicums(They had plenty of it in the burritos)

On a complete random note,
Since yesterday was my first night at Genting for the coming weeks, Nate decided to stay back to accompany me so I’m less freaked out by the stories I’ve been hearing(No thanks to a certain 2 person)

The boy woke me up at 2A.M telling me this
“I dreamt that I was on my way becoming batman!”

like seriously??

My outfit for the day

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