Picture blog

So a quick update to start the week

Did a quick break over the weekend and drove up to Bukit Tinggi
Was a pleasant surprise considering that we went to the bridal fair before that and was bombarded with obsessive sales people
Managed to do a little landscape photography with the clouds

Anyways, I also brought my lil Samsung Camera, which pictures I will upload pretty soon!


Ze Chateau

And back to the main point to why we came to Bukit Tinggi

Same photo, different filter =)

So my weekend was pretty much that,

So now, back to just random pictures to makeup to this picture blog

Been super into makeup recently so did some really random makeup session

annnd some photos to make you hungry

Yeah, if you are hungry, it’s really not my fault coz I’m pretty hungry too so off to dinner I shall=)
Till then guys!

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