Quick, Get ON!

Hello Monday,
I’ll have to admit I wasn’t too keen on meeting you just yet but you know what the heck, I’m just gonna welcome you anyways because I’m nice like that =p
So the weekend has been very very interesting(will soon blog about that), but perhaps the most interesting bit is that I found this very much new(to me anyways) app to get hooked onto.

I rely alot on instant messages, when I was using the iphone I use mostly imsg rather than whatsapp but now that I’m on my trusty Samsung phone, I’ve been always looking for a better chat app to download. I hate typing on my phone, so I usually rely on phone calls than to msg(this prolly explains my exorbitant phone bills), and the other app I knows that allows chat and voice msg is usually really laggy so meh.

Anyways, so this the app that I’ve recently been super loving.

Can you guess it yet?(Usually the app I use most have their own icon by itself rather than being put into a folder
yup, it’s ChatOn!
ChatOn! It’s actually a Samsung app but it works across all platforms so I’ve got friends who are using blackberry/iphone and Nokia phone that also has this app!
Super love the layout of the app, I mean, look at how cute the background and the chat bubbles are( you can download the less girlish designs if pink isn’t exactly your fav color)

There’s so much you could to customise the app layout
From fonts

to the cutest background(Ah well, what to do we are quite snow deprived here so this would make me feel a slight better=p)

Perhaps not really a huge thing for most guys but you know those days where you can’t decide what you wanna use as your profile pic? Well this app allows you to have multiple pictures at times HAHA

Here’s the application homepage. It’s simple and clean which I really really appreciate, I remember spending a good time with another application that would constantly recommend me new friends on chat box =.=. Of course if you aren’t a big fan of showing your phone number to the world, you could always opt to have your number privatised so people can’t find you through your number.

The thing that stands out most for this application in my opinion is def the anicons. It’s a little like draw something but this time you don’t really have to guess(well unless your drawing is really really REALLy bad la, but there’s always stamps that could help you a little more when it comes to expressing yourself.

I mean, doesn’t this cheer you up already? All it took was a change of background and stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp hah! Look at that happy lil lion at the side!

and for people like me who talk too much, it’s always so much cooler when you have a walkie talkie function that you can actually hear what the other person is talking about

and I’ve been sending a few food video messages to tempt my friends when I’m having lunch.I’m such an angel!

Absolutely loving this app, and yeah I guess Isabel manage to find a sticker that resembles my shopping addiction most HAHAHA

So have you also got this app? If you haven’t I def suggest you to give it a go,it would take a little time getting used to the app but I can reassure that it is very much worth the time!

As usual, ending the post with OOTD

Super loving this trio color top(the inside of the top is purple so you can flip it inside out if you’d rather wear that color instead)

Hope your Monday has been fine because we are off to start another amazing week now=D

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