S4 in town!

I’m sure there’s heaps of people out there who are really really excited for the S4.I love my Note 2 to bits but the idea of actually owning a S4 def sounds pretty damn good to me too(esp after watching the promo vid countless times).
Anyhoo, last weekend was a very eventful one. There was the very much anticipated S4 launch, Heineken Ibiza and also Music conference Asia(which I will update pretty soon), but for now let’s talk about the S4 shall we.

To be honest, this is my first time seeing a phone launch that wasn’t really an event. It was def very refreshing to a whole bus of people and performers going around town to officiate the launch! I like this, love it when I can invite and drag people(in my case my fiance who enjoys sleeping till the middays on weekends) to attend the launch and share the joy too!

They started at the very first location, Pyramid. I’d say you’d be pretty blind if you missed the launch outside of the bluecube because they had a whole entourage of circus/festival performers there at the place. Balloooooons were EVERYWHERE and it was just such an awesome thing to see early morning(mind you I woke up at 8 just to catch this!).
If you are wondering why there aren’t any pictures of the festival performers, I’m coulrophobic.That said though, I did manage to catch a few photos of the other less scary(for me) performers that did such an amazing performance to officiate the launch!
Love to see when people are superly excited for the launch, I love it even more when people happily pose for my camera=p

and how can you forget the mega awesome performance by Elecoldxhot?

There’s always something about a guy who wears black suits and bow tie,  I always find them super attractive=p.
Anyways let’s see what else happened at other places shall we,they had so much thing happening at the place and it was just such an amazing experience. It’s like every place you go to you expect to see the same same routine but that never happened! Just when you thought you’ve seen all of it,
BAM, new performances, different groups and it was,wow.
Cheerleading team-Muriel

A launch wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for the very important people who has worked so hard to make things happen.

Mega colorful balloons being released to the sky

and of course confettis, ah I mega love confettis as they often make everything around us all so colorful(well because that’s literally what you will only see for that good 2-3 seconds HAHA) but it’s good nonetheless.

ok so back to the phone.
Phone comes in 2 colors(as expected, the white and the black) I always like white phones, nearly all the phones I’ve had in my life are all white. If you see properly into the back of the phone, you’d see that instead of a shiny finish it actually has these really detailed zig zag(I don’t know the exact term but you get the drift) designs and I freaking love it. It makes the phone looks so much more sophisticated in my opinion and def alot more special too!

The phone is crazily light, freaking amazing thin. As much as I love the Note 2 the weight of the S4 has def bought me over.

As you can tell, the phone is slightly more squarish, screen’s also much bigger and clearer coz of it’s 5″ full HD super AMOLED screen.
I’ve previously mention in my previous blogpost about the airgesture. This is something I really really like. I mean, THINK OF ALL THE THINGS YOU CAN DO WHILST DRIVING(ok maybe not so much of a great example because we aren’t suppose to use our phones when driving but you get the idea)

I’m a girl, you can’t blame if my fav feature they have is well, something to do with the camera. I mean come on,they have a 13 MegaPixel Autofocus LED Flash and HDR recording on the camera and seriously I’d go on and on about the feature. The photo I have here is no where as a good example to how amazing the camera is on the phone.

You could also tell from the picture above that the camera looks a slight different to what we are generally used to. This has a dual camera that allows you to have the front and rear camera to work simultaneously, which is how it will look like in the picture above. I can already think of all the crazy example photos I’m gonna take with this function HAHAHA.

Saw this on Ryan‘s blog and I’m so blown away!

So yes, I’m sold, like freaking mega sold.

Anyways OOTD yesterday to end the post.

It’s Monday but it’s okay because after tomorrow we get another holiday because it’s Labours day!
Happy Monday peeps!

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