When was it?

As we go towards the end of today, I’m getting rather lazy to do another wordy post.
So why not we take a little break from a little too much reading, and these photos do the talking shall we?

Photos are all mine.

So when was the last time you hung out with some closest friends, just doing the things you love without giving a care to the people who’d walk past and judge you for the things you do

When was the last time you cooked?

or the last time you walked down the city streets to admire the beautiful buildings around you

When was the last time you had a pillow fight?
or do something as simple as taking a picture with the people you love

When was the last time you played your fav sports

or walk to past your fav place to play sports

Perhaps you are like me,not having enough time to do the things you like or your fav sports because you are so caught up with the things life chucks at you?

I miss the beach, I really do, listening to the sounds of the waves crashing in has always been so therapeutic

Sometimes I slow down thinking, what is it exactly that I want in life

Perhaps maybe you can catch the sunset tomorrow, I always find them amazingly beautiful to watch

So when you clock off work tonight, what will you do? Will you head out with your friends for another drink?

I know I might=p

I used to start my nights with a tequila shot, haven’t done it for sometime now so maybe tonight’s a good night to start it again?=p

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