Bangkok, recap

Bangkok is a rather interesting place. To be honest, I really thought I’d do a day 1-5 kinda update but I realise I didn’t have enough photos for some of the days because I was so busy shopping around. So instead I think I’m gonna break it down to 3 different things. Shopping, Food and other stuff. So instead of diving right into one of the categories, I thought I might just share with you a recap of the city.

Bangkok is a very busy city alright, infact I would say it’s def on par with KL.
Tall buildings everywhere, busy busy traffic

like crazy busy traffic. This is traffic on a Sunday, and it’s actually not too bad of a traffic.

City is filled with surprises everywhere, you see temples right in the middle of the busy Sukhumvit roads.

Social status and status rankings are relatively big of a thing here. you get the people who earn just enough for a living. There was actually a fire right at this market when we were there. For days we walked pass and all we could smell is the after effects of burn plastic and metal. People just sat around the shops, waiting for the people in charge to come investigate. Though I couldn’t understand the language, it wasn’t difficult to read their facial expression. Everyone had a “I don’t know what I’m suppose to do now look”.

Then just right at the very other side of the road, you have people who are so wealthy it’s almost impossible to imagine how wealthy they are.

It really does remind me of KL, a safer KL though, but I have to admit the city does suffocate if you aren’t careful. Busy people busy lifestyle, it’s not difficult to get into the habit of rushing through nearly everything in life. Luckily we managed to find a park one of those days in our trip. Did manage to drop by Suanlom for a short walk.
Was such a good walk I tell you, right in the middle of the city with tall buildings everywhere,

you see things like this.

With happy creatures walking around the park as though they own the park

I love Bangkok for shopping, but I’m not too sure whether I’d live there. It does strongly remind me of KL, and that’s something I don’t think I can handle if I had to stay there for a long long time=D

Anyways, ending today’s post with OOTD as usual, with a special guest appearance!

Nate requesting a very rare, OOTD picture=D

and my fail proof makeup, it has done so well in the scorching hot weather! Easy and takes no more than 10 minutes to finish the look!

Outfit all from my Bangkok hauls apart from my usual crocs

Happy Tuesday guys!

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