Picturelog Tuesday

Let’s do another photolog Tuesday shall we. I’m in the midst of actually planning out how I want to do my heels collection update. Thought of doing a video like what wendyslookbook has done before since I didn’t wanna do another blogpost with just pictures and heels. Any suggestions?

Anyways, let’s go to Taiwan this time around

then of course ending the post by going to Perth again

I dislike rainy weathers, it often makes me craves for more tea and hot choc. Sometimes I wish I can appreciate coffee more but hey knowing me I might be a little addicted to it after.

Do you generally have any sugar to go with your coffee?

Then ending the post with an OOTD that was taken by Bok a year back, not too sure whether I have had them posted but looking back I realised my hair now is about the same length compared to these pictures

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