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I spent most my nights before sleep bloghopping..this prolly explains my lack of sleep each night but it’s been an addiction I’m refusing to get rid of because it’s just so so good! I love the feeling when you go to sleep inspired with what to blog about the next day.. Here’s some blogs I stalk!

Wendy’s look book (Right click on the picture to open new tab)
I love this blog so so so so so much! The pictures are ever so gorgeous and Wendy, the blog owner has this beautiful/elegant sense of fashion style! She also has a youtube channel, which you can find from her blog and I tell you, everytime she makes a video it’s just so beautiful to look at! Should really check out her “Shanghai Dream” video on youtube and also “Postcard from Cabo”. Beautifully done, it’s just one of the websites I can re-read again and again, and not get sick of!

Tuula Vintage
Came across this blog just not long ago on instagram. Her photos made it to one of the top fav and I’ve been stalking her since! Loved how she’s from Australia bt constantly travelling around the world!

My next stalking blog, Chiara Ferrgni aka the blondesalad! Majorly pretty girl who also is the face to many brands! She updates HEAPS which is such a bonus for me because everytime I log onto her blog I’ve got pretty heaps to read and that makes me super megaly happy!

The Cherry Blossom girl is also another new fav! I love her style of photography! She’s got a different way to portraying the things in life and it’s always so tastefully done! Particularly love her blogpost on the Blue Lagoon. The water, and the everything about that blogpost is just to die for!

I think by now you will realise that I like the pretty blogs. The one who has good photos and the one that makes you wanna travel around the world just by looking at the photos. Here’s something a little different. Suting introduced to me awhile back coz she does cinemagraphs and ever since I’ve been stalking her heaps! Her style of photography is just so different to the others I’ve seen and def heaps to learn from!

I’m picky when it comes to the blogs I read, this also applies to foodblogs. Here’s some of my fav!(they also come with recipes so def good ideas for that Sunday lunch DIY)

And this other blog that I follow that does a bit of everything!

As for youtube videos, here’s the few I constantly check for updates everyday because it def puts a smile on my face when their videos up on the channel! Nate however says that it is rather annoying but I love watching them! I only ever watch beauty videos so if you aren’t a fashion/beauty blogger and you aren’t interested you can skip these few.
Elle Fowler




I actually stalk about a 50 good blogs but these are just some of my absolute fav, one of the easiest way for me to blogstalk is via bloglovin

This website works quite similarly to google reader but man the blogs they’ve got categorized for you is just to die for. From food blogpost to beautiful photography blogs, there’s really so much to choose from!
So there you go, my fav blogs all in one blogpost=)
What’s your fav? Tell me so I can go stalk too!
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