The things that made me happy this week!

FRIDAY! My fav things this week! Let’s me show you what happened over the week that has made me super ridiculously happy!

First and foremost, I have my own personal ringlight now! Me and a few(namely 10 bloggers) decided to go shopping for ringlights, online of course, I don’t think I can imagine 10 bloggers shopping together for ringlights! Well it finally came and my super awesome friend Shon dropped me off to pick up the ringlight after M.A’s lecture

Here are some results out of the ringlight! I know I’m underusing, and perhaps not even using it right but it’s not too bad, here’s how it looks when I’ve half the ringlight turned on

and and and if I’ve got it on overdose light, these flashes out extra brighter than usual and they look very much overexposed but you kinda get the gist

And this baby that came a few weeks ago. Before I got the clear case absolut unique that came in the case, I bought a bottle from the airport ages ago. As you can tell these bottles look different. It’s the one of 4 million bottles that Absolut Vodka designed and it’s freaking gorgeous! Each bottle has their own unique code and no bottle look the same. You can check out more information here: I honestly love the idea, I hate how every bottle always look the same, I mean I get it, it’s for marketing purposes and so people will remember the bottle and the brand but it does get quite dull after awhile.
Then I met Michael Ammar, my magician “hero” when I first started magic. I met him in 2007, back in Genting, ages ago. Yes, I also had my clip in extensions on in this picture!

So here’s what I got, the one in the black signature was done in 2007, the one in silver on the card clip was done last night(see how he managed to put a date there). Mr Ammar told me to make sure I meet him again and we’ll get another signature done on a new card clip! I know it’s a little fangirl of me to have gotten him to sign my S4 phone cover but you can’t blame me! Just looking at it reminds me of all the wonderful experience and the reason to why I fell in love with Magic!

and thought I’d show  you a little something =p, just for fun with the S4=p I love it when you can use your phone for lil things like these!

OOTD to end the post!

Can you believe I got these pair of heels for RM33 from Sungai Wang?

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