Must eat in Osaka

So ok, warning first! this is gonna be a long post, a long post filled with food pictures.
I felt like I was obligated to try all types of different food in Osaka but of course it wouldn’t be a very good idea so we stuck to the few very popular must try food instead.
We only had 3 days, so we didn’t really had time to go food hunting, instead we settled for any restaurant that caught our attention and these are the few that was worth highlighting throughout our trip.
On the first day, we gave our first to Ramen

It’s a very small restaurant, more like a fast food chain if you ask me but the ramen was just so yummy! I don’t know how the people can do it tho, they’d leave their backs behind their back while having lunch! I don’t think I can ever trust my bag being somewhere where I can’t see while having lunch, especially if one were to steal one of the bags, it’d be really easy for them to do so!

Our food came, and boy was it good!

Gyoza, not my fav part coz the ramen was really good

I’m not a fan of cold soba, but this one I’m a fan of! I think I’ve changed my perception towars cold Soba completely after this meal!

and in my previous post I mentioned about our hotel

There was 3 of us so finding accomodation was a little tricky, our room turned out to be really decent and comfortable even with the 3 of us so I was pretty happy with it

They even had a TV(we didn’t manage to watch anything on it bt)

and the bathroom. One thing I love about Japan hotels is that they will most the time have a bathtub in the hotel! It’s such a norm for people to take a bath each day I guess so hence why having bathtubs aren’t that big of a deal!

and when you walk out of the hotel to Keisha Station, this is what you will find. Neon nightlights everywhere and of course, restaurants

Like a whole small zone just dedicated to food!

We came across this 300 yen shop, which their menu are all priced at 300 yen. They do however do covercharge per person tho, so whatever you order+ per persons cover charge which was an extra 300 yen each.

We couldn’t miss the Okonomiyaki. Osaka was really well known for their Okonomiyaki. It’s like a must must try and man, I was glad i did try it. This turned out to be my fav food in Osaka!

and we had to go to this Kinryu ramen shop along Namba bridge. A few years back I was here with my family and we had the best ramen ever(granted it was winter and I guess a hot bowl of any noodle was gonna be the best noodle ever) so me and my sister were determined to find this shop again.

It was good, but it wasn’t as good as we thought it’d be. Perhaps it was the weather bt me and my sister were quite disappointed at our noodles=( It didn’t had the melt in your mouth char siew and perhaps the hot weather didn’t help either.

We did however had a really good meal of Sushi, This little japanese shop, Endo Sushi was the bomb man (click the link for more info to where the shop is). It was def a tad too early for sushi but it seemed like it was a very normal thing to have for breakfast. There were a few Japanese dudes that were in the shop when we arrived(at about 8AM mind you)

Authentic lil japanese shop

you can kind tell it’s a fav amongst the locals, with all the signatures of various famous people who’s visited the shop

with of course Matcha tea and all those stuff you need for sushi

but man the sushi was good, like really good! Each plate was about 1050 yen, which came down to about RM35 but it was def worth it!!
Had to order this plate coz my sister was a fan of Unagi and we had to try the umi(seaurchin)

but we had 2 plates of these, and man it was so so so so yum!

They also have one of the thickest most yummiest miso broth ever! I guess credit goes to the clams in the miso soup!

Guess that’s all the food we had at the restaurant, and now to more little things,
This was my breakfast for the 3 days. I love the milk there, and I loved the yogurt drinks even more!

Starbucks was also a slight diff with their menu, they have strawberry cheesecake frap!

Oh wait, I almost forgot, we had curry rice on our 2nd day, it was really good! This was in Shinsaibashi, and it was just such a small shop I would hv never guessed they were a restaurant..This was until someone came out of the shop and me and my sister smelt the best smelling japanese curry ever, so naturally we had to have our lunch there

If you are wondering why I brought my phone on this day, it’s because they have wifi along their streets! convi ey!

Other food like Takoyaki was good, but I still prefer the ones we get in Jusco in Malaysia LOL

but this Onigiri was one of the best to go food! it was really cheap and yummy! You can find them at nearly any convi shops and it’s just really good to keep one in your bag just incase if you are really hungry

On my last day I was determined to visit the Osakajo, aka Osaka castle. I was really done with shopping(I know i know) and I wanted something different so I did.
The place is beautiful! I went during summer and it was already so pretty, imagine if I did visit the place during fall!

Was a little walk so I had to get a break in between.

But it was just so worth it!

That was pretty much it for my Osaka trip! I would say my highlight was def visiting the Osaka castle! I also did the stupidest thing by trying to walk back to my hotel because someone told me it was a walking distance but man! It was an hour of a walk back to the hotel! Worth it tho, lucky I was carrying my Samsung Galaxy camera instead of the normal DSLR or I would have had a really sore shoulder by the time I got back to the hotel!
It’s Friday tomorrow!=D

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