Floral masquerade

I’ve been very much floral obsessed lately.
I’m not sure why but anything with the word floral just steal my attention
Unfortunately, there’s not much things with the floral options unless you head over to Lovely Lace, or soem other places but all items are generally marked up to a ridiculous price which I can’t justify paying
It’s my cousins ROM this weekend so she requested for another floral headband. She’s not generally the type to do heaps of flowers on her head so I thought something more on the subtle side would be more of her liking. Opted for smaller flowers for the headband

Absolutely loving the outcome of it. These strings just give the whole headband a much rustic feel.

While I was doing her headband(which I decided to use hot glue this time around coz the tiny flowers needed glue-ing) I thought hey why not have a floral mask too.. I’ve always loved mask, but I’ve yet to come across any floral ones so I thought if it worked out ok, it should look pretty decent. SO with the help from Yumi, both of us were hot glue-ing the flowers onto the mask. Lucky for me Yumi was an expert with hot glue and it didnt take us that long to finish it.

My thoughts?
I absolutely love it! I’d prolly add more butterflies and stuff when I go back to my parents place but I’m not so sure yet, I kinda do really like how it looks now

Also, Suting and I did a short photoshoot the other day(short as in like 20 minutes photoshoot)coz we were rushing out to pick up the Honda car(next blogpost!) but the lighting on the day was just really really pretty! Here’s some photos

And my fav photo of the lot

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