Updated unit tour

Ah, I just realised since my last unit update I’ve not done much sharing pictures.
So since my last update which was quite empty of a unit, I’ve bought a few things since. Now we have a washing machine, a refrigerator, a few pots and pans that we can actually cook in, our TV cabinet and kitchen bar counter has finally arrived to! Now to wait for the table top which will take a approx a week or so and I can finally cook without having to worry about the no table to dine in problem.

My coffee table however is still missing in action =.=. Neways let me quickly do a tour around, excluding rooms and workrooms since we’ve not bought anything new for the rooms since.
Nate is already planning on purchasing his TV and gaming console. I’ve been putting off the TV purchasing because we don’t have a good idea to how the cabinet looks like but we decided to go for something simple. Left the 2 corners empty coz we wanted to add our own stereos and sound systems in…or I might just get a paper lantern from Ikea and decorate it with butterflies to add abit of colour to the place. HAHA. We might also paint the middle section with the Nippon Momento wall paint to give it a little more oomph, not too sure yet but that’s likely what I’m gonna do with the middle wall.

Ignore the mess for now haha, I’ve been currently sitting in the living room doing all my work because of the red throw I got from Ikea. Been freaking sick and now I’m down with a flu I just really am appreciating that bit of extra sunlight. We are still waiting for our coffee table as you can tell, and the right moment to discard all those brown boxes haha. Probs gonna move the sofa forward and add a small top at the back of the sofa to keep all the modems, phones and other less important stuff. Not sure what we’d be doing to the wall yet, most likely gonna hang the drawing Aaron gave as the wedding gift up here and a few decorative/storage boxes from Ikea so it doesn’t look too empty. Sigh, my over 2 months delay of a coffee table when will you come=(

Since I’m a huge tea addict, I def have my own tea/coffee space. I will be moving this whole section out to my bar counter once it’s ready but for now this really does make me happy every time I see it. Love the starbucks cups I secretly bought the other day without Nate’s permission(he thinks I have too many cups, bah nonsense)

Still waiting for the top of the bar counter to arrive so for now it’s still WIP. Loving how I have extra extra storage to keep all my plates and cups and that small lil counter is gonna be my tea/ cocktail mixing corner in the future hahaha. We initially thought we might have overestimated the length but it works out just well now since we can have space for a mini wine chiller if we wanted to include one in the future. So yes, one more week till the final product and I seriously can’t wait to start decorating corner with Christmas decors!

We also debated on whether we wanted to change the switch. Initially we really wanted to do so but since it was working well, and we don’t really spend that much time checking out the switches anyways we thought wall stickers might do the trick just well. I bought these wallstickers from my last Taipei Trip

My balcony area is perhaps my time most spent on ever since it’s properly done. Love the artificial grass and love love love my floral wall

For those who are wondering as to how we dry our clothes, behold the less glamorous side of the balcony.

The rack actually took us almost a week to have it up, reason of course would be that me and Nate had absolute no clue to how to use the driller. It took us 3 days on google and youtube with no luck, and we finally got it up because the person who did our kitchen top actually had it drilled in for us.

And our last minute for-now-it-will-work shoe holder
Had extra artificial grass so we are using it to hold our everyday shoes
Will have to get a proper shoe rack and get a coffee table for this corner to place our keys and what nots.

Guess for now that’s pretty much it. It’s not a lot of change but for us it sure did take quite a while with work and all other stuff going on. Once the living room/kitchen area is done it shall be time to work on my workspace, plenty of ideas and I guess plenty of DIY installed for that room! Cant wait!
Happy Tuesday Guys

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