Weekend recap!

My weekend has been oddly productive. Not only we managed to get all the to-do list done(we usually only manage through about 50% for our weekends check list), we’ve also manage to do extras and had plenty of time to spare. This weekend was a weird one for once coz I actually kinda wished time went faster since it felt like we’ve done heaps and had heaps of time to spare.

I’ll start with Friday, actually no, let me start with a facial cleanser I’ve been loving. I know I know it doesn’t quite fit into the weekend recap but I’ve been using the facial cleanser for a week now and man have I been mega loving it! I’ve swapped it with all my other cleanser for now and I have to say its one of the most effective pore minimiser cleanser I’ve used by far! Even my relatives have commented on how my skin is smoother now, and I usually meet my relatives when we have our family gathering= makeup less yuki.
I must say it foams up really well, I got sent 3 bottles as a review but I decided to use the one that has volcanic clay in their ingredients. I’m usually a sucker for anything clayish because I feel like they do a really good job deep cleaning the face, and since pores are my major concern, this just sounds like the facial cleanser I’m looking for. Freaking love love love how it leaves your skin feeling all smooth and bouncy after you cleanse. Def a good way to start your day if you are using the cleanser

If you have a different skin concern, perhaps you’d like to check out their other range. All their skin care products contains the very much popular hyaloronic acid as well as their new key ingredient- Betonite clay. For just RM20.90 you can pick these up from major pharmacies. Major steal I tell you!

Ok back to the topic, on Saturday, me and Nate made a decision to makan our day out, probably gain a few kg through the weekends but heck, was worth it. Spent our lunch with Nate’s side of the family for Yong Tao Fu, which I have to admit is not my fav food considering the amount of vegs I have to eat, but Nate brought me for Acme bar to try their sizzling brownie

Verdict- Overrated brownie. I felt the brownie was a little too dry for my liking and it just didn’t give the kick of chocolate I was looking for.
That night, I decided to give my flu bug a kick by attending the Glenmorangie Boardwalk Empire Party. Theme? 1920’s. Nate gave it a miss because he wanted to have his “me” time but I’ve been cooped up in the house for the past week due to my sickness I just had to get out of the house.
I didn’t stay long enough tho since my meds were reacting and I was having a very congested nose towards the end of the night but I still had heaps of fun regardless!

Sunday was a lazy one, me and nate spent our time shopping for the house, Nate was extremely happy since we bought our TV, meaning he could actually stay home and game his weekend away now =.=. I’m just happy because I finally found the mannequin I was looking for. Got this from Kenang warehouse and I must say I was really happy with the price! RM98 for this mannequin, only thing now is to dress it up with flowers because it does look a little dull for my liking!

If you’ve followed me on Dayre, you’d also know that I’ve bought some stuff from Katiez Accessories ! I love love love their items, they do pre-order but the lady is ever so friendly and so helpful! Very efficient too, got my products in about a weeks time and I’m loving the quality of the accessories!

Guess that’s all for my weekend, I did blog a bit more on Dayre on my Sunday that I won’t mention here coz it’s just small mentions to what we were doing so do follow me on Dayre if you are interested!
I guess my floral obsession will continue on this week. Bought these candlelight holder from IKEA and just couldn’t resist jazzing it up with flowers

Whoa, 4th week into November now. Where has time gone! On the brighter note, December is coming soon and I’m freaking excited because it’s my fav month!
Happy Monday guys!

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