Counting down the days!

Ho ho ho!
Countdown to Christmas Day 3!
I don’t know but I think with all the vlogmas atmosphere going around, I’m tempted to start my own! Obviously not gonna do it on public because I don’t think anyone would be keen on watching HAHA.
okok, jokes aside, I think I better jot down what I wanna cram in for December since 2013 is coming to an end.
I have this horrible habit of not planning my year then cram all the want-to-do list in the month of December! bad habit but I guess it works coz I usually get half the stuff on the list done within a month HAHA.

I’m really excited for this month! I’ve just decided on my flying dates for Christmas and this year is hopefully going to be a white Christmas!
ok fine I’ll admit that this is a filler post =( I’ve not been able to get my blogging mojo back yet so I thought I’d fill the blog with some Christmas-y pictures! You’ve probably seen it a few times already but I can’t help it, it’s the most christmas-y pictures I’ve got and and and and and I need to refresh my memory before I take proper photos of the place later closer to Christmas! The last time I was in London I was only there for a few days, as a transit to the states for our cruise so I really really miss the place. I know it’s cold and miserable but man the christmas lights and the whole ambience for the Christmas is just way too amazing!
So I spoke to Nate yesterday and we’ve decided since he’s got a few extra days of holidays, we will be going to London this year for Christmas! Just checked our flight tickets and we probs will be taking Emirates so we will need to transit in Dubai but I guess it’s pretty okay since they have the cheapest flights to london!
I flipping cannot wait!
Why hello there London streets, you are looking super inviting this year round!
I know I probs can get better money deal but just the thought of Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park this year sounds really awesome! I’ve missed the Perth Royal Show this year and last and there’s this bit of me that is just itching to drink some yummy mulled wine and a cup of hot choc with baileys shot again! Nate’s not gonna like it too much I reckon because it’s gonna be cold and he hates cold weather HAHA. I have no idea why he said yes to London because they say it’s the coldest year yet(but I hear them say this every year)

Seeing all these photos brings back heaps of memories, the last time I was there I can’t believe I didn’t take much photos at all! Partly coz I was jet-lagged and I spent most my time in bed before my parents arrived but still! Gonna probs drag Jimmy along and get him to tour guide me and Nate around for some photos!

So yes, countdown to christmas this year is really exciting! I probs will need to start shopping for my trip to and plan my itinerary………..or maybe I should just wing it (ok not a good idea, maximise my trip would be a better idea). I can’t wait to see my siblings again and it’s gonna be a great Christmas this year!!

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