Vlogmas Day 5. Weekend recap!

Vlogmas Day 5(click into my youtube link for Day 4)

So if you’ve watched my vlogs you’d know by now that my weekend consist of nothing but food. For the past few days I’ve been craving for food almost every hour =.= Which is such a terrible thing because I’m hungry all the time and I just keep scouting and scouting for food. In a way it was good because it just means I’m putting back the weight I lost when I was bedridden.
On Saturday, Nate had to work so I dragged Shon along for breakfast with me coz I was craving for some western breakfast. We ended up at The Good Batch, which opens at 10AM(I have to say it’s a little late of an opening time for a breakfast place) but we got there at half past ten and had no probs with the line. We were lucky, because just half an hour later there was like a massive massive queue out the store, and you’ll see why in abit

So to make sure I’m taking enough calories a day, I’ve decided to use my S Health to keep myself updated. Really fancy application but not difficult to use at all. According to my calorie intake, I am to take in 1700KCAL everyday. Hmm, That’s probs gonna be a bit difficult on the weekday since I’m not a huge eater during the week.

So once you have all the info in, it’ll pop up with this screen where you can input the food you’ve eaten and also the exercise you’ve done for the day. So yay! This application is also inbuilt in the Samsung S4 devices so if you have an S4, you can totally check this application out too!

Anyways, back to the good batch. I had to blur this photo because I couldn’t catch a photo of the place without peoples face in it. I personally feel that they might appreciate the photo being blur because no one likes being candid photo taken when they are talking lol.I like the bokeh feeling bt, so pretty!

They have some interesting decorations at the good batch, I really like these lil pots and I might just do the same for my apartment. Ignore Shon’s rainbow umbrella there, he couldn’t find another place to hang his umbrella so he decided to leave it there at the entrance =.=

Ordered our drinks! Can you guess?

HAHA no , it’s not earl grey tea this time around. I’ve gone with hot choc for the weekend because I can’t take too much tea atm(will throw up because of the acidity in my stomach). So ok fine, here’s a proper pics of the food, which you guys are probs more interested in.

I ordered the Parisian,  Gruyere cheese, Ham and eegs. Breakfast cannot get better than this. Im usually not a fan of sweet breakfast, so no pancakes and stuff for me because I get so sick of it so easily but give me ham and eggs, I can eat plenty of it. This was cooked so well, though I feel Id be happier with pouched eggs but heck I’m not the one who decided on the menu.

Shon decided on his Americano. he said the coffee was a slight burn so it wasn’t as good as he thought but he was pretty contented with his breakfast

He ordered the californian, which is your typical big breakfast kinda food. I still think mines the winner

Nate came home later that day and decided to just sleep through the arvo. Then later that night we decided we were gonna have a good dinner so we headed to Publika(had to drop by Bens) for Japanese since we both weren’t too hungry just yet.

I can have Japanese food for the rest of my life if I had to, I generally don’t like cooked fish but sashimi I freaking love!

oh salmon,

more salmon, ok this is actually Nate’s portion of food

and his nabemono. He didn’t like this dish too much coz he wasn’t a huge fan of noodles. His lost I guess coz this was actually quite yummy

So a quick glance of Nate’s set meal.

That’s all I guess for Saturday, then on Sunday we went out for breakfast. Wanted dimsum initially, too much drama(long queue, long waiting time) so we ended up at Kaffa.

You know that feeling when you have a great meal and everything just falls into place? yeah well today’s not that day. The food was okay I guess at Kaffa but there was a few things we weren’t too happy about. My hot choc and Nates tea was the only things we really couldn’t find much fault to.

Nate’s big breakfast was..mediocre to the max. The mushroom weren’t buttery enough, eggs were ok though but everything else was forgettable.

I have the exact same feeling about sidedish too.

So yeah, did some errands, discussed on our europe trip. Probs gonna end up in France, Switzerland and maybe Italy. Well at least we are getting somewhere with our planning lol.
Was again another chilly night so I made hot choc for myself! How cute is the mug! It was RM11.90 at Memory Lane from 1utama.

Also couldn’t resist drinking a cup tea before going to bed. Loving the Buddha’s tears from T2!

That’s all for my weekend! How was yours?

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