Our love letter to Amsterdam

Dear Amsterdam,
Before we start I might want you to know that I’m no poet, neither am I thaaaat amazing with my words so just take whatever you get okay! For me to even write this love letter it’s pretty amazing since I don’t even write love letters to anyone around me =.= (PS no photos of red light district coz I didn’t wanna get rubbish thrown at us yet). That, and you’ve completely manage to sweep Nate off his feet and fall in love with you
Dear Amsterdam, you are such a magical place
You have this aura about you that the pictures just don’t justify how beautiful you are

Big huge tall majestic buildings that kinda reminds me of the vampires(trust me it’s not a bad thing)

and the quiet night that just makes you appreciate mother nature a little more

and think about what we can do for ourselves in our life

and you have this thing that makes cafes like these a little more interesting because almost everything you’ve got are built by the riverside.

Gave us yummy stroopwafle

Mind you, you even found me this amazing notebook that I cannot get enough of!

You were pretty romantic too, all theese beaaautiful flowers are such love!

and of course you were pretty funny too, Nate sure did enjoy your spiderman humor

and of course you were fun,

Heineken Experience was SO good, we even had our custom bottles with our names made there

and thanks to the brewery we had the most amaazing, freshesst most unbelievable tasting Heineken I’ve ever had in my life!

So yeah, you def did surprise me, infact I’m sure Nate’s already in love with you =.=

But I can’t blame him,

You are pretty damn awesome after all!

ok so that’s the end of my love letter, now more onto the hotel I’d wanna focus on. Mind you we stayed at a previously known as a prison/rehabilitation place! They’ve redid the whole building so it’s kinda like a hotel. Our trip this time around we stayed at Lloyd hotel, we’ve read reviews saying this was a pretty unique place to stay, considering they had rooms ranging from 1-5 star depending on your budget and it was pretty close to the city centre which was quite convenient too(Take trainline 26 to the city centre)!

We were fortunate enough to have the option to upgrades our room for the 2 nights there, reason being coz we initially booked the 2 star and we found that it was a tad, erm surprising for us. This is their lounge area which is also their cafe.

Upon reaching our room, they found out we just got married not too long ago they gave us complimentary champagne! How nice! Service there was really good, people were really friendly and the beds oh dear me, for the 3 nights we stayed there all the room beds were the fluffiest most comfortable beds we’ve slept in!

So on the first day, we upgraded our room coz we were a little tired from travelling and we got ourselves this massive room. We have to say tho, it was a little creepy! We didn’t know the place that much prior to booking the place but upon arriving I told Nate to check on the history of the place because it did feel a little different. To our horror, it was a ex prison where they kept hostages from WW2 and yeaaaaah. Nothing bad happened for the 3 nights we stayed there(in fact the place grew on us and it was a very pleasant stay) but it just took a little time to get over the initial shock.
Anyways here’s the room for Day 1

But erm, where’s the shower?

Okay so to be able to access to the shower you will first have to pull the wooden door outwards.

and you will get half the walkway turned into a bathroom! Pretty cool huh!

Our next room is perhaps one of my fav room layout, though it had a slight flaw(for me and Nate, a major flaw because this was the reason why we opted to upgrade our rooms)

It had a open toilet =.=, otherwise this room was really amazing because you could see the night view from their different windows! We spent our NYE in this room and we saw fireworks from different directions and it was a very spectacular view!

On our third night, we were lucky enough to have one of their biggest room. This room even includes a freaking piano(though nate kinda took the fun out of it when he said how scary it’d be if the piano started playing by itself in the middle of the night)

I particularly loveeeeeee this staircase! It’s red and bright and kinda reminds me of a firestation lol

My verdict for the hotel that it was pretty good, though I kinda wished they had a few more amenities. I had to ask for my hair dryer from the counter but they had the basic other stuff like towels, shampoo and body soap which was good.  Personally I feel like it was a little a slight expensive for the tag but def a very different experience to your typical hotel stay. They even had a place to introduce the hotel which I def recommend going on the last day because you might scare yourself throughout your stay if you did visit the place on the first day( I know I sure would be)
But yes, this is Amsterdam in general , I’m suppose my trip here was rather short and it was during the New Years Public holiday period so heaps of stuff weren’t operating which kinda cut short our trip.

However, I still have to say that Amsterdam was def a very unique place! The people were really friendly and the place was really really clean which me and Nate both really appreciate after Paris.

I have to admit I was abit sad but still a¬†happy me because I knew I was going back to London to eat eat eat with my brother and sisters! I’ve missed them so much on this trip there were so much I’d like to share and tell them about my trip!

That, will have to be a different post again. Have a great Monday guys!

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