Back in London, also quick update on our apartment!

Back in London
So after all the walking around France and Amsterdam, we were really happy to be back in Lndon. I already knew what to expect because we decided to eat/shop our last few days away
We started our first day’s lunch with Galvin at Windows. My brother only booked a table for 4 so he didn’t join us=( which is such a pity because the view there is really amazing.

We were initially given a table in the middle of the restaurant, but lucky for us there was also another table empty so they revised the seatings arrangement for us!  I must say, the view from the top is quite similar to the view you see from the postcards(only diff is the season I reckon, think the photo in the postcard was taken during springtime)

Our starters came, yummy cheeeseeee

and I believe this was Kyle’s main

we also had fois gras, which still wasn’t as good as the one we had in Paris

and this was Nate’s main, which I think he said was just good but nothing oh so awesome to rave about

My pork belly was a different story, this baby was so good!!I shan’t try describing how it taste because I’m terrible at it but I highly recommend the pork belly if you are gonna give this restaurant a shot

Then we had a molten lava cake which was also good but nothing to rave about.

and also the ice cream

At the end of the meal they gave us these beautiful homemade marshmallows, now  all of us are hardly ever huge marshmallow fan but we ate everything in this jar because they were the fluffiest marshmallow we’ve ever had!

And a happy group picture to end our lunch of course=D

The rest of the day was just shopping shopping and shopping. Oh and we also went to Duck and Waffle for dinner. I don’t have much photos because the restaurant was so dark it was almost impossible to get a good photo without external flash (which I don’t have). Their signature dish is also the name of the restaurant, duck and waffle. I’ve heard heaps about this restaurants from my brother and my sister and it wasn’t on our to try list because my brother couldn’t get a reservation for the restaurant in such short notice. Serene texted me on our last day in Amsterdam saying someone on the reservation list cancelled their table so we were ever so blessed! The food was really good, the bread is freaking amazing(seriously, breads), never would I have thought breads can be so delicious! After dinner we headed down to Sushi Samba for drinks and I finally had a picture taken with Serene, time really flies bt, I remember the last photo we had together was at my wedding dinner!

On the next day, we went to Sketch for tea. How can you not do tea when in London. My sister suggested Sketch, saying it had decent food and also very special decor so was a good place to check out. I say, the decors are def very interesting alright, everything was so out of place but yet at the same time so fitting for the theme. Like how you get a colorful stag on the wall, oh and a colorful horse too =.=

The lighting was a tad bizarre, it kinda made everything look a little bloodshot red hahah. I love the ambience though, and the teacups are really cute! They made it a little more interesting by giving everyone different sets of teacups and cutlery!

Got 2 of their tea set. I loved their sandwiches and their eclairs, are seriously to die for!

I also did enjoy this passionfruit thingy which my sister didn’t quite appreciate as much coz she thought was waaay too sour for her liking

So after we were well watered and fed, my sister insisted I should check out their toilet. It does feel a little awkward taking photos in a open toilet hah but the girls side had a few egg cubicles. It felt so weird sitting in the egg cubicle when they had like this alienated voice telling you “welcome …. blah blah blah” when you are trying to wee

A photo of me and my sister. Funny to see her all grown up like this. I still remember one of the nights when I was in London and my sister came out telling me how she couldn’t sleep while she poured herself a glass of baileys. Godness gracious how did they ever grow up so fast!

Then for dinner we went for Wild Honey, my first Michelin Star restaurant!

ohmydearbbqsauce this lamb has to be like most amazing lamb I’ve ever had. It was so juicy and the fats, oh the fats just melts in your mouth like butter. I always thought Michelin star restaurants were just a little better than average restaurants, fancy presentations and better more controlled quality food(I mean how much more awesome can you cook lamb ya) but this dish has seriously proved me wrong. Now I understand why people are so willing to splurge for good food at restaurants like this when portions are not exactly that generous(though my brother told me this is one of the more generous serving Michelin restaurants). Lucky I’m not in London often or I’ll be dreaming of lambs everyday =.=

and my warm chocolate soup. Yup, warm chocolate soup, that’s what they wrote in the menu but it does kinda taste like the insides of a chocolate lava cake

So that was it for my food entry. Again, not very good at describing food(kid you not my only 3 description words are yums, quite good and a little salty) so I apologize for the lack of enthusiastic description.
Anyways here’s a little more update on the apartment! We managed to purchase a few good things when we were on our trip, and we also had spare time to visit Ikea on Nate’s offdays. Did I tell? My coffee table is finally here!! After 3 months, 3 months, it finally came and goodness it sure did take a long long time! The living room is looking a tad messy now coz of the TV cabinet which I have absolute no clue on how to decorate it yet.

Added 3 lil cute owls(they light up!) to make the balcony area a little more cheerful! and of course you cannot forget about them flowers! Chopping board is from London, how cute right, makes having breakfast a little more interesting too!!

and this throw that I absolutely adore! I also got them from Ikea, chucked the previous red one away because it was started to smell like burned plastic =.= Love the material and love love love the stripe design too!

Got these wall stickers from the weekend Curve markets and now if Nate every complains about my cooking I’ll just point my finger towards the wall and he’ll just have to eat HAHAHA.

Oh and I’ve also been cooking alot! Here’s a few things I’ve been cooking(if you are interested you can follow me on yukiko_tan on Instagram)

Happy Wednesday guys!

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