Weekends according to my phone

My weekend according to my phone, or rather instagram but mostly from Yeeing’s phone actually HAHA. Granted I’ve been very lazy to bring my camera around, I mean I have my Note 3, it’s darn good of a reason to not bring my camera around anyways lol. Was kinda convenient since I had to attend a quite good amount of events this week alone so having my phone was really a good idea!
Anyways, on Tuesday we were ever again so blessed by Manoah to be invited to Sennheiser’s official launching at BSC. They have this amazing headsets that are super noise canceling and they come in the most awesome colors ever. I’m eyeing at the dusty rose color, super gorgeous! They were SO generous they gave us each earphones that were worth over RM400 as doorgifts!! I tried them on and no surprise, quality is amazing as expected from any Sennheiser’s product! Here’s a group photo of us girls =D

So then on Thursday,  we attended the FMFA press conference!
That was also the day they announced that Pharrell Williams will be coming down to Malaysia! You can get your tickets here at www.futuremusicfestival.asia and www.galactix.asia/fmfa2014 but you better be sure you get them quick because they are selling it off like hot cakes!!!

and also a photo with the rest of the girls, image credit to Hilda

Also, if you can’t be bothered driving down to Sepang, well guess what?

and if that’s still not good enough of a convincer you might wanna check out their line up!

So Hah! Quick!! Get your tickets here!!

Then moving on to Friday.
So last Friday was my birthday, I was intending to keep it quiet because I’m not a big fan celebrating the fact that I’ve grown a year older LOL but I sincerely want to thank each and everyone that has wished/called/ msged me and those who actually got me a gift for my bday! Nate forgot the 24th landed on the Friday, poor guy thought it was on a Saturday HAHA but he got me flowers anyways, mega sweet of him to do so!

and to top things off, we had the craziest night at both KL live for Boom and Prodigy later at night. Photo credits to Joanna

Then on Saturday, well it was quite a blur actually considering we spent half our day lazing in bed and the other half cleaning the house for this!
Had a few people come over and we had lousanng(Thanks Nelson for getting us Lousang)!! Always good fun!

Then we ended the night with more champagnes LOL but since it’s our 2nd day of partying I would have be really proud and say that we were being super good that night!

Sunday consisted of dimsum with my lovely friends, bonding time with my family and this glorious siew yok and char siew that my dad made

We are at the end of January , which means we are just a week away from CNY! Hope you guys will enjoy your Chinese New Year week! Happy Monday people!

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