My weekend in Perth

I’ve been waking up relatively early here in Perth. Well not because I really want to but my body just kinda wakes up, well it doesn’t really help when you have the sky all bright and sunny at 7AM. I’m just waiting for Dan to finish running his errands before he drives us up to Hillarys so I’d thought I’d blog about my weekend. I’ve had one of the best weekends so far, fresh clean air, blue skies, beautiful weather and actually being able to physically attend Vicky’s engagement party. I’m pretty contented, now I really understand why people have Monday blues, heck I’d have Monday blues everyweek if I had a weekend like what I’ve had every week!
I did alot of catching up with friends in the past week actually, so don’t mind me if the photos are all about food(I really hope you’ve already had breakfast prior to reading this)
Wilson brought me to this brunch place near Cottesloe beach. I’ve actually got no idea what’s the name of the restaurant(though I’m pretty sure it’s not called Arcadia) but having breakfast at a spot like this is just really nice! If you look at the photo properly, you can actually see Cottesloe Beach between the trees.

I guess you’d be surprise if I didn’t order my usual eggs benedict for breakfast. Beautifully cooked poached eggs FTW.

And of course, the usual big breakfast for Wilson.

Then after a walk at the beach, I headed home to get ready for lunch with Erika, Mish and Pete. I seriously think the idea of being able to have lunch at the foreshore or at the jetty almost everyday is luxury. Ended up at Lucky Shag and we ordered some food, really yummy Sangria, and alot of laughter to end the arvo.

Pimm Sangria is yummy Sangria =D Even Erika approves of it =D

On Friday, I met up with Vicky and her lovely mom in the morning. Vicky had a few appointments booked in for her wedding dresses and man, making dresses decision has never been tougher! So to make things a little easier, we went for lunch at Duende for Tapas at Leedy. Looking at these pics are making me really hungry again. So to make my life easier, I’m not gonna describe the food coz it’d just be plain torture since I’ve not had breakfast

I do want to make a point to remember this yummy beef and scallops dish though. If you do ever are around the area and feeling abit peckish, just order this and you’ll not go wrong.

ahhhh, ok I’m getting really hungry now

The pork belly and pomegranates’ a really good tapas dish too!

I hope you are not hungry just yet because I still have a few more food pics to talk about! Dan brought me out on Saturday to meet his friends at Santis since Tom had a birthday party to attend to. Like how you’d expect from most cafes, the food here was pretty good.

I later then came home to the best lemon friands. Def gonna steal the recipe off Tom because I think the friands is enough to actually make me stay in Perth and not go back.

Then of course, I had the beautiful engagement party to attend to on Saturday night. You see, I’ve been waiting for this engagement party for years I tell you!When I first heard the news they were engaged, I literally jumped around my room in excitement and the thought of these 2 people being engage is enough to put a huge smile on my face. Now I shall patiently wait for the wedding, just over a year so not too long to go!
My outfit for the night is no surprise, all by ForeverNew.

The place was so beautifully decorated for the engagement party too!  Look at all those pretty fairy lights!Will be posting a few more photos soon!

On Sunday, Tom and Jo brought me out for brunch. We also stumbled upon a community garden where Jo misread the board as “Kid Communist”

Reckon something like this in KL would work? Start a garden where different people can contribute to and those who contribute can just take whatever they want from the garden itself.

Of course, we had to have more food after brunch

but we did take a slow long walk along Nedlands foreshore to burn those extra calories. Walks like these always makes me miss Perth even more. I don’t think I can really tell how good it is so hopefully these photos will make you feel how I feel when I’m walking along the foreshore.

And if the scenery isn’t good enough, perhaps this little furkid might be good enough of a reason!

Neways, just gonna end the blogpost here with a picture Pete took at our lunch sess the other day with his film camera. Loving the effects on it!

Happy Monday guys!
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