Weekend love!

So a few weeks back before I went back to Perth, Mr Andrew insisted I head up to Genting to see one of the buskers performance. Since he even offered a lift up to Genting, I thought it’s def something I’d wanna check out and boy was Andrew right. Satoshi Etoh is a Japanese juggler, a damn good juggler to be exact and if you haven’t got much plans for the weekends, you should really really check out his act in Genting! He will be there busking till the June so please just make some time up to watch his act!
Makeup for the day. Ever since my hair grew longer, the only thing I’ve been doing to it is actually having it tied up in a bun. I probs should have left it short seeing how often I tie my hair up HAHA

Andrew had to get his coffee before we drove up and to be honest I didn’t know how it’d work so well for him coz coffee before a drive up to Genting is def not a good idea for me.

So after a good half hour of horrible mountain drive, we arrived at Genting. Well this aint exactly a pic of Genting resorts but I guess some greens always help on a Monday arvo right=p

Nate had to work the Saturday so he said he was only gonna join me after work so in between those sess I manage to make a few new friends!

And some new animal friend HAHA

but seriously you have to have to go see Satoshi’s act! Amazing amazing stuff!
On Sunday, I dragged my lovely cousin out again for high tea. Again, at Majestic(Can’t get enough of the place)

Life is good when you have a cousin who appreciates high tea =D

Won’t go into details since I’ve already talked about this place so many times but one thing though, if you do happen to go when the pianist is playing, probs not a good idea to take a photo of him when he’s playing the piano(he gets a little upset when being taken photo of)

Drop by the florist to pick up some flowers for the hse and thought I’d end the post with some long due OOTD!
Dressed down a little because we had Dimsum before tea and I wasn’t really in the mood to be stared at so pulled out a T-shirt to go with the over the top skirt HAHA

Getting there, my hair’s getting there. A little longer and I’ll finally be able to fishtail braid it properly.

Tulips and carnation to kick start the week!

Happy Monday guys!

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