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It’s Friday!
First of all I’d like to thank everyone who participated on my mini givaway! I will be emailing the winners by the end of this week so stay tuned!
I have to admit, I’ve not been having enough time for the things I’d like to do(this includes blogging) but since it’s Friday, I’m determined to have this blogpost up since you all might benefit from it!
I’m sure everyone loves traveling(especially when it’s free). Unfortunately the lack of time, cash etc etc is usually what’s stopping one from actually going to for one. I guess we are really lucky to be in Malaysia where there’s plenty of places we could go to just for a quick getaway(I’m still dying to go Redang, any one up for it?)
Anyways, if you travel quite a fair bit around Malaysia, perhaps this is something for you to consider! If not, this can always be a reason for you to travel out this weekend! Click the pic to find out more

Seeties is a new app you can share all your awesome findings around town! If you aren’t a big fan of blogging but still enjoy sharing the lil places you’ve found, perhaps give Seeties a try! You can upload pictures from both your mobile and desktop which makes sharing so much more fun!

The giveaway is simple, all you gotta do is sign up, recommend a place with at least 3 photos, and stand a chance to win one of the getaways!
Outdoors & Attraction is def something I’m sure we all would love to kinda browse through(Come on, I’m sure there’s only so many times you can shop a shopping mall right) so if you have something up your sleeve, share it and stand a chance to win!
I’m def eyeing for the private villas in Penang!
If you aren’t a fan of participating but you just like finding new things, this will be the app to go to.. It’s a weekend so please, put the computer and phones away and go for a little adventure!

Leave footprints somewhere

or if you want something more relaxing, perhaps a good ol spa might do the trick too!

So quick! Download the app

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