Brace yourselves, we are in for a hellova weekend!

This week will probs be the busiest week I’ll have in this month, not only I’ve had to attend my usual french classes, work and all, my recently not so filled up night sessions are suddenly so packed with events. I’m not complaining bt, because all the lining up events are the ones I’m really really looking forward to!
Last night, I had the very unexpected surprise(I seriously am so blessed to have friends like these). Andrew asked whether I was interested in watching Jersey Boys since he had a +1 spare. Seriously, a musical and you expect me to say no? You’ve gotta be kidding me!
To make things even more awesome, I didn’t even have to drive! Shon was around the corner so he dropped me off at MV for Andrew to pick me up for the show. I’m actually really glad I didn’t had to drive because the traffic was so bad we had to RUN to the door before they closed the gates(the play started right on the dot)! Imagine if you missed the start you’d have to wait for intermission to go in*the horror*. The musical was AMAZING, even Andrew who was abit skeptical(quoting Andrew “Hah? Musical so long one meh?” about it at first ended up really really enjoying the show(Hah)!
Best bit? We even manage to meet the cast at the end of the show!!!! The night wouldn’t have been possible for the lovely Josephine(I’m seriously so inlove with her atm HAHA) and Andrew so thank you for everything!

So then ok that’s that for what’s already over, so what’s the lineup for the weekend? Well I’m not gonna spoil it much but tonight will probs be the only night I will have time to sit home because tomorrow I’ve got something equally awesome to look foward to! Wait, did someone just say champange on a Thursday night? Yes, tomorrow I will be attending Veuve Clicquot Carnival Paint the Town Yellow at Signature the Roof! Of course you are familiar with Veuve Clicquot! It’s only the most prestigious and exclusive champagne voted by consumers and is the second most popular champagne brand of all time

oh the beautiful bottle,  I particularly love the anchor logo(I have this small lil obsession for anything marine-ish) but seriously the design of the label is amazing! Something about the label that just draws me  to it(probs because it’s Veuve Clicquot hah)
Champange Champagne Champagne! So if you’ve got nothing plan, you know what to do tomorrow now ya

Head over to Signature The Roof by 24th April and participate in the ongoing Veuve Clicquot promotion by purchasing 1 bottle of Veuve Cliquot to obtain 2 invites, or 2 bottles for 5 invites.
Alternatively, check out The Roof Malaysia Facebook page for more details

Hope you are ready for the weekend(yes I’m starting early)because we are in for a one hellova weekend!

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