Impromptu trip down south!

I made a very impromptu trip down south to JB last week with Alicia during the Labor day off. I was suppose to drive, but apparently all my friends thinks I’m not very capable of driving so they somehow manage to find a way for me to not drive =.=(They make it sound like I’m about to blow up the world). I’m appreciative bt, how often do you have friends who constantly messages you asking you to reconsider your option and instead take the bus down or fly down because they are worried about your safety(trust me, I drive perfectly fine, abit dangerous, but still fine) and having friends who happily offers to drive you down too just because they were also planning on going down south.
It was such an impromptu trip we actually didn’t had the time to plan much, the only thing we knew were that we were gonna check out this little cafe By Grace when we got to JB. I’ll talk about this place in a little bit but by the time we got to JB, it was just about lunch time so lunch it was! We settled at this little cafe near Real Escape(which by the way you have to totally check it out if you haven’t already! Did you know that the owners designed the rooms themselves, pretty amazing stuff ey!) I happily settled with my usual teh tarik, alicia went for a 3 layer cincau drink which was actually really yummy but a tad sweet for my liking.

My first meal! Such comfort food, I’m not quite sure whether it’s really that yums bt I have to say it’s really satisfying(especially when you’ve not had anything to eat for the morning lol)

After chilling around, we went over to the hotel to check in. Alicia booked us in for a night at the Grand Paragon Hotel. Loved the service, loved room even more. It’s got all the things you’d usually need for your standard hotel amenities but the room itself was so spacious and comfortable

I particularly loved how they had huge mirror panels everywhere. This was pretty awesome especially if you have 2 vain girls staying in the same room LOL. As you can tell, we did pack quite a fair bit for just one night =.=

We hardly stayed in the hotel bt we did manage to go up to the bar that night on the 26th floor. The view at night I have to say is pretty good, never thought I’d enjoy seeing the nightview in JB. We however, didn’t manage to swim this time round(blame the time all given to our food ventures) so I’m just gonna sneak in a photo of the swimming pool.

Right so after checking in, my friend brought us around for desserts! We ended up in La Gourmet Desserts┬ábut we didn’t manage to get order their most popular dessert because it was for 10 pax and since there’s only the 3 of us, we’d have to wait for the rest to be free to have it.

All good but, i was quite satisfied with my greentea ice cream

After desserts me and Alicia spent our time in the local mall for abit before dinner. Yes, dinner hah! We actually had quite alot to eat during this trip! Our dinner was at San Lou Seafood Restaurant. I’m not a fan of beehon if you ask me but this, just this dish is good enough of a reason to make me wanna go back to JB again lol.

Oh and make sure you order the fried octopus! super mega yums!

Dinner was great but we had to make sure we kept some space for desserts. We got to the cafe we planned on going this trip, which was By Grace. I think that my trip down south is so damn worth it just because of this cafe even with the amount of stares and glares I get when I tell the people around us that this was the cafe that got us down to JB. It’s only open from 5PM-1AM so I apologize for the photo quality as the cafe was quite dark, it’s very welcoming though, the ambience and the service that was given by the cafe was def very satisfactory.

So erm, what’s so special bout the restaurant? Well you can either get normal dishes if you have a small group but since there was 5 of us, we ordered 8 desserts and they plated it all up onto this transparent dish. So from the top left it’s their tiramisu, semi freddo, matcha souffle(i think, I can’t remember) and that oh dear I’m really bad at this so I probs will get this wrong but I believe it was a egg custard souffle. Beautifully plated don’t you think? Just looking at this dish is enough to make me happy hah!

This was athe other one we ordered, as you can tell the people there really do put in so much effort to plating up the desserts. Sadly I’ve not seen anything like this in KL so I guess I’ll have to make another trip down to try this place again heh =D

I’m gonna end this post with our last meal in JB. On our last day we went back to La gourmet desserts, determined to try their signature dish. Yup, you’re seeing it right, it’s quite a massive stack of ice don’t you think! That’s my Note 2 as a comparison to the mango ice mountain. I have to say bt it didn’t taste that good at all lol, but still pretty good just for novelty sake.

I had so much fun during my trip down south and I honestly credit it all to this crazy lady here. What’s life without some craziness ya

So that pretty much concludes my labor day off. How did you spend your Labor’s day?

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