Travel around with me!

Hey, I know it’s still fairly early today so since it’s a Friday, why not we take some time off work and travel abit around the world? I’ll bring you back to your office real soon I promise! This is to make up to the lack of proper updates in the past few days! Just come on a walk with me, pretty please?
I’ve got it all planned out, we’ll first go to Paris to see the beautiful morning scene

Don’t worry about how we gonna get there, I’ve got it all covered!

Then we will take a very nice slow stroll along the streets of Paris

Looking at the Eiffel Tower, I mean come on, Paris, is always a good idea!

I certainly can stay in this city the whole year long, but since I’ve promised to bring you around, we’ll have to leave this city now ok?

But before that, let’s make sure we’ve got some stuff to fill our empty stomachs

Then we’ll head over to Amsterdam for a quick stroll along the river to exercise that lunch off

and once that’s done we’ll fly over to Bangkok to do some shopping

Hey, what’s a day without shopping right=p, all the stress from busy schedule and crazy workload of the week has got to go somewhere.
By noon, we’ll head to Osaka for abit more walk, yes yes, walk since we are constantly complaining how we need to exercise more =p

A rather short walk but, coz we are gonna head for a cruise real soon to see the sunset!

Of course, I wouldn’t wanna make you walk too much, after all traveling is suppose to make you feel more energized, not all drained up after a trip

So to make up to all the walking, I’m bringing you on a cruise to Bahamas! Nothing like the 2nd biggest cruise in town right 
Just look at the place, kinda makes you feel like you’re such a tiny lil speck of dust in this beautiful world don’t you think?

By the evenings, we’ll fly down real south to Australia for some wine for the evening. Of course if you aren’t too big of a fan of alco, you can just enjoy the scenery

And we’ll watch the sunset by the beach

Just us, no one else

So yeah, we’ll then head for supper in Taiwan for some yummy dinner

and we shall streetwatch hah.

but that’s it, that’s all for my trip, I hope you’ve enjoyed it because I sure did!I really hope it made you feel abit better but if it didnt, hey here’s some fireworks to cheer you up!

And remember, it’s Friday!
Enjoy your weekend guys!

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