If you came to read a senseless post, then yes you are at the right spot!
Welcome to the much less sane world of Yukiko’s brain(if I had any to begin with lol)
Yes, so all the working till midnight sessions for the past few weeks has taken a huge toll on me
I’ve came to a point in life where I’d walk through anything thinking that it should work because there’s no reason it shouldn’t
For example?
The door. I walked straight into a door this morning, not because I didn’t see it, but just because I didn’t think to check whether the door would be lock to begin with, self inflicted really, but I really can’t think of anything else. Lucky for me after these few days I’d be free as a bird again and I’d be back on my blogging mojo
So to go back to making the post senseless, here’s some things that has completely caught my attention, for obvious reasons of course
I forgot how Will had this awesome Alienware computer that has got does rainbow lighting on his keyboards. I use to bug him to bring his computer over to play starcraft(he’d always be so reluctant coz the laptop is insanely heavy) but hey, anything for rainbow keyboards ya

But seriously, I’ve never felt so trapped in my life before. Being in a cubicle for the past 3 weeks is really driving me insane! How do you guys do it??

Did I also mention that I started drinking coffee? Ok, fine, Latte(to some people this ain’t coffee) but to me it’s a huge step considering I’ve always and only liked drinking tea.

That, and I’ve also been craving for desserts and cakes, bad bad habit Yuki but to make things better I’ve also started working out!

But honestly, I’d give just about anything now to see this view again. Just less than 3 months till I’m back again and I cannot stress how much I need this trip, again(yes I know I was just back in Perth 2 months ago).

Oh that, and I’ve also booked my trip to South Africa for July.
Hello lions, I’d be expecting you to throw me a very warm welcome party.
Tuesday! Goodness and it feels like a Thursday to me!

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