Monkey business and well, food when you are ill.

So I’ve been pretty ill for the past few days,
shots, meds and more meds and the almost hospitalized session , I’ve been resorting to comfort food and my bed.
I’ve been releasing all my stress on food

Yeah right, no , I wished that was the case but there was just a handful of food I could eat in the past few days.
So to make myself feel better, I made up my own list of comfort food!
Comfort food being well, being with people who don’t make you even more sick of course.. Calista brought me out for lunch because I was reluctant to eat anything since all I could have was porridge so she thought abit of fresh air would be good for me.
We ended up at Monkey Garage with a few other people
I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the decor, very pretty

Food wise, I’d say this is my fav? Of course I can’t say much given I’ve only had like a tiny bite of everything given my condition but this would def be the top of my fav food list for the lunch session

I didn’t try this but it was Calista’s meal

Mine was meh, nothing fancy, just normal egg and cheese croissant, the usual

So erm, what else have I been eating for the past few days?
Well for starters I’ve been having chocs(I know I know I shouldn’t, but I just can’t resist) to be fair I’ve only started having them today so that’s not too bad is it now since I’m nearly fully recovered.

But for the first time I’ve also been eating alot more fruits. Of course, still berries, still don’t like alot of other fruits hah
but to avoid porridges and all the not so yummy food you get when you are sick, I ended up baking myself friands on one of the days. Mind you, I actually had to take stops in between coz I was so dizzy I really felt like passing out so I had to nap for a bit so what could have taken me a 15 minutes to bake took a good hour just to finish baking em. Still well worth it because well, friands are friands and I can never get sick of them

What else, well let’s see
Kok Phin brought me out for a few board game session since he’s in town again, unfortunately memory games aren’t my strongest suit so I kinda lost this game despite the chicken being so cute and supportive

But I did for once win in boardgames(twice I might add) No idea what’ this game is called but hey you’ve gotta admit I’m pretty good at this HAHA

So ok, random giveaway!
Just leave a comment below with your name and email and you’ll be surprised =D

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