Of colorful lights and crazy fire

Last night I had a very much interesting night. Danny was in town for a short mission and asked whether we’d like to join him for his little mission, of course me being me, I said yes! Went straight after dinner so I didn’t bring my DSLR, but I’m already regretting it by the time I got there! There were pro photographers with lightings and all set up and I rocked up with my mini Panasonic Lumix GM1..brill move yuki, just brill.
I still did have fun but, tested me camera out to it’s maximum(slowest shutter speed at only 1″) but I did get some pretty happy shots
Here’s some to kick start ya, rainbows!

The minute I saw how it turned out on camera, I immediately fell in love! I mean, rainbow lights, you can seriously kidnap anyone with these!

But of course, Danny would have to be really really awesome otherwise there was no where in a million years I’d be able to get photo like these..

So okay back to the photoshoot, they were doing something along the fire theme stuff so here’s some behind the scene.

Trust me, it aint easy

Then it was Dan’s turn, let me introduce you to well, just for this blogpost we shall refer him asa the fire dragon conjurer okay. Always cool if had a friend you could call “the fire dragon conjurer”, no?

I also have to admit, it was a rather warm night! With all the fire burning and all the charcoals flying, I was just glad I didn’t go in long sleeves and what not, but that said I did had to battle with mozzies that night, that, wasn’t too fun. but okay, enough talking more photos!

I know the photos are blur, really felt like kicking myself for not bringing my DSLR. ┬áThat said I’m absolutely loving the effect on this photo, loving those motions

and this would have to be my absolute fav fire photo of the night!

ok enough fire, now lets go back to the pretty lights shall we?

Honestly, I would never in my wildest dream think I could actually see lights being performed this way, so so pretty

and I’ll end with one of my fav light shots, seems like he’s holding a galaxy in his hand don”t you think?

and trust me, it aint easy, coz I tried and this, unfortunately was the only thing I could get HAHAHA

Happy Wednesday peeps!

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