Inspired look

I’ve always liked Audrey’s look from Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Pinned up hair, clean makeup
Always so classic.
Thought since today’s a day off I could recreate something similar with what I had at home. Really enjoyed the whole process of putting on the makeup and doing the hair, the only prob was that I had eyes no where as big as Audrey’s and cheekbones as prominent as hers. Plenty of fun still! Tell me what you think?
So here’s the look of the day, pulled out the lace dress from Dorothy Perkins I got when it was on sale, pretty floral sunnies from Aldo and some Diva accessories

and of course, a straw, I unfortunately don’t have the same cigarette holder as Audrey has in the movie so this will have to do.

and the makeup for the day

I’ve gotta admit, this makeup is easier than I thought it’d be, trickiest bit is the eyeliner and keeping the whole look clean

So a yay I hope?

This is def my fav photo!

Hope your holiday has been treating you well!

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