Of summer days and nights

So here’s another photolog, I’ve been really obsessed with doing these recently.
Had the chance to actually drop by the amazing coffee shop at Just Want Coffee(Thanks Alicia for the recommendation) and words cannot even express how happy I was at this place. There’s nothing like overdose of coffee and sweet desserts to brave through the hot midweek arvo.

I know by now, it’s safe to say I’m quite addicted to good coffee, namely this cold coffee right here. I loved it so much I had one just for the road before I came back to KL

Desserts, well I have to say, this baked cheesecake was the bomb, infact I was surprised I preferred this over the raspberry panna cotta since I was such a panna cotta lover.

If cold coffee aint your thing perhaps try their black magic coffee too, pretty solid stuff man.

but I also did some other crazy stuff, combating the hot weather, with some hot food.

Curry Fish Head from Kim Long (coordinates here: N1.48279 E103.77546) just freaking amazeballs stuff. Just make sure you are dressed for the weather. I loveeeeeeeeed the curry!

But summer nights are the best, alfresco dining at 8 Lido for Spanish food is the best. Expect to spend around RM50 and above per pax but def something super worthwhile trying. Spanish food on a summer hot night means heaps of Sangria and fail funny jokes hah.

The paella wasn’t my fav but that’s probs just because I found it a little on the sticky side, which is not exactly how I expect my paella to be like

but the lamb shank, oh the lamb shank was so darn GOOD!

and of course, desserts again, how else could you end your night ey.

Today was really good, finally managed to ask the beautiful Raine out for tea. I’ll let the picture speak for themselves ok? Incase you are wondering, it’s again, tea at Majestic Hotel’s tea lounge

I have to admit their scones today was pretty spot on. Double yay coz I absolutely adore this photo hah!

ending the photolog with a photo of just us.

It’s Friday tomorrow! Long  weekend yo, so enjoy your Raya break!

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