My Thursday Morning Routine

So Thursdays are usually my wind-down day, only because my weeks’ usually super hectic and Fridays I’m often really occupied with other work,and sometimes events so surprisingly, I find Thursday mornings my quietest day of the week.
I’m a person of habit, I often end up doing the same thing, before I get my day going which usually ends up to be of a different itinerary each week.
Keeps me a little sane this way. If you’ve been a long time reader of my blog, you’ll realise that I hardly update my blogs on Thursdays either because I do like to keep my blogs updated on Mon, Wed, Fridays but I’ve been so busy recently settling a few stuff it’s been abit difficult to find time to write anything on those days! This is actually my proper last week in Malaysia because from next week onwards till the Sept, I won’t actually have more than 36 hours in Malaysia. I still can’t believe that’s it for my August schedule, all filled up just like that!

So on Thursdays, I usually start my day off with this

It’s a habit I picked up awhile back but I’ve been swapping around the detox tea a fair bit depending on how much I like them. This is currently my fav. I know some people will probs killer stare at me for my slight obsession of wanting to be skinny but I do need something to help maintain my weight. This contains mix berries, which is a potent source of antioxidants which we all know is good for the body. Taste wise it’s amazing because it’s smells really good( I’ve had some that just is meh) with the combination of green tea and berries. I bought mine from esmé Clinic(click here or *here* for the address) at a box of 10 sachets at RM119. They are having a promotion now you get 4 boxes at the price of 20% off and 12 boxes at 50%(You can do pick up or delivery at extra charge).

I don’t usually end up taking breakfast, because the amount of liquid with the detox tea is enough to keep me full for now. Then I take my shower and when I get out I do enjoy putting on a bit of facemask, hair mask and hand lotion just to keep them happy. Recent fav? Jurlique hand cream in Jasmine, my amazing Glamglow facemask and this hair treatment oil I purchased from Studio 76

Of course, not forgetting what my body needs=D As you can tell, I do enjoy splurging abit on Thursday mornings, might as well go all out ey=p

So once I’m done with all the lotion , I like to light my candles just to get myself all relaxed into the mood

Get my jambox ready with my fav song, recently in love with Lost Stars by Adam Levine

Paint my nails, currently having Rose Miore by Chanel

Then head on to prepare myself a cuppa with abit of biscuits and spend the rest of my morning reading. Yes, still trying to finish this biography of Steve Jobs, abit difficult to finish reading it seeing how he wasn’t the nicest guy around, awesome, but not the nicest.

It’s not much, but there’s something about this routine that really calms me. I know it’s a luxury to heaps of people, especially when one is working at an office hour job but you can always have your little Thursday routine at night and I’m sure it will be able to help you cope with your weekly stress far better.

What’s your stress relieving routine like?

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