I reckon it’s time for another cuppa

I think I will take maybe a morning or two to get used to the weather here in Perth
It’s been relatively cold here seeing it’s still winter (well I’m comparing this to KL weather). Was telling D. Chang how it’s been awhile since I’ve had to make tea for myself not to drink, but just to warm my hands up instead
It’s been quite cloudy this morning but lucky me, the weather forecast says I’ll be getting abit of sunshine throughout this week.
Despite the slight chilly winds, think it’s a really nice change to the scorching hot weather in KL and Singapore. Perth hasn’t changed much since I was last here( but then again nothing drastic usually changes when you are just away for less than half a year)

Headed straight to Tom’s to chuck my luggage and to freshen up, and just in time to catch Tom and Dan for a cuppa before they head off to work.

Went down to Maylands with Wilson for breakfast, initially wanted to go to Mrs S but the queue was too long so we ended up at the cafe down the road

Loved the deco but hated the food. We ordered eggs benedict and kimchee pancakes, only having our eggs overdone(solid yolk, the horror) and kimchee pancakes all dry and tasteless, def not going back there now hah. Pity bt, the last time we were here the food was quite decent! Guess I’ll just put up pics of the cafe deco instead

But now that I’ve ran all my errands and picked up all the stuff I need to survive for the next 2 weeks, I’m just gonna probs finish up this blogpost and grab a quick nap.. Still trying to get used to a couple of stuff, mainly having to wear my shoes around the house again(floor is freeeezing)

and constantly walking out of the house without my cardi thinking I can handle the cold without a cardi and then regretting almost immediately once I step out of the house.
OOTD to end the post

Now it’s time for some sleep and then it’s time for Grill’d and a good movie to end the Friday night.

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