The Fab Brunch

Oh brunch, def my fav meal of the day, though I have to admit supper is pretty darn good too! Went out with the cousins to The Fabulous Baker Boy for brunch on Sunday. Thought I’d start my Singapore adventure here with a food post ya. We were there a tad early(it only opens at 10am) so we had a bit of a walk around the park.

I love love love parks, of course the weather can be abit difficult at times but it’s the little things in parks like that that will make me extremely happy.

Flower blooming everywhere, what a way to start your Sunday huh

and they even had a little lotus pond.

By 10A.M, as soon as it was opened we got ourselves a seat near the windows.  I absolutely adore the sunlight you get in the cafe(bonus, air con too) but almost immediately after I took this photo the cafe was very much packed with people and families to have their family brunch too.

Don’t you just adore the lighting

My cousin recommended their cakes, seeing how they are a bakery to begin with. I have to say I quite enjoy the red velvet cake though it’s not usually my fav kinda cake(refer to the feature pic above), but this was pretty good of a cake
I went for the usual Tow Kay Ng Egg’s Benedict and I have to admit that it is pretty well cooked, apart from the fact that the whites are abit too solid for my liking for poached eggs, the hollandaise sauce was pretty well done

E ordered the pancakes, which was a funny story coz our conversation went down like this
E: what do you reckon, blueberry or raspberry pancakes?
Y: Depends what you want really, I reckon the raspberry will be a tad sour
E: Yeah? Ok I’m gonna pick the apple cider pancake
Y: =.=
Was pretty good bt I felt it could be abit fluffier.

The toast however was a bit tad too dry for my cousin, he didn’t quite enjoy it as much but then again he’s not much of a cheese person too.

And that’s pretty much it for my Sunday brunch. I really really am loving this pair of flats I purchased at Charles and Keith, all so sparkly and pretty don’t you reckon?

And I’m getting proper wifi soon so I’ll  be blogging abit more freq now! Happy Tuesday all!

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