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I’m starting to think lunch are too underrated.
Me and Nat had the loveliest lunch, with the crazy amount of jokes and laughs we’ve had, I cannot thank enough to have had met such an amazing friend. Our train even arrived at the same time so we didn’t had to do all the “hey where are you” text messages either, which is good coz neither of us are too good with directions to begin with HAHA.
It was quite a big cafe, considering the cafe sizes in singapore and them actually having a few different levels to accommodate all their patrons, even during offpeak hours they had a good amount of people in the cafe so you can imagine how busy it’d be over the weekends!

Being known for their coffee, you can pretty much spot different coffee machine around the cafe.

I went for the Rose latte( I really don’t remember the name but it’s something along the lines of Sharon de Rose or something like that) I have to admit I’m not a big fan of the rose syrup, but then again it’s not their fault because I never liked rose syrup to begin with anyways, I totally should have gone for their Earl Grey Lavender Latte, sounds like an amazing combination for coffee if you asked me. The coffee was really well done, and I really enjoyed it despite my lack of passion for the rose syrup. The coffee art however is superbly cute, Nat literally gave me orders saying
“No  you are not drinking the coffee until photos are taken”
so when I finally did take a sip, she gave me this stare and all I could really do was to admit I was indeed a coffee rabbit art killer

I also did ordered tea. Yes, I know it’s all about the dilemma of having either tea or coffee but with the lack of food and rational thinking brain cells, I thought I’d spare myself the agony and order both instead.
Funny story, see that crystalized thing on the stick? We initially thought it was a super cute stirrer, until that is when I had my first sip of tea and realised it tasted completely off,  more specifically, extremely sweet. I had to even double check the teabag to make sure I ordered my earl grey right…it was only then I realised that “cute stirrer” was actually sugar =.=

For food we ordered the mushroom pasta with cream sauce.
Found it a tad dry and abit bland, not my fav meal to be honest

but the eggs on the benedict was done so well I was a very happy kid at the very end of the meal

So when we were all well fed and watered, we thought we’d be good and follow some pillow instructions

by taking a selfie of course

but yes, def coming back for more coffee! Click here to find out more about the cafe or head over to their Facebook Page for more info
Till then guys!

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