My thoughts bout Singapore! The little things

So after being here for almost a fortnight, I can officially say I’m really really liking it here in Singapore.. Yes, some might say it’s only been a fortnight and things will change but heck, when it does change I’ll write about it again ya =p
Of course there were a few things I had to get used to, but here are my general thoughts on the Country

Cleanliness and Safety
1)They made no joke about the country being extremely clean. I walk a fair bit, as I have no car to drive here but man, the cleanliness of the city amazes me all the time. And needless to say it’s far far safer to be walking around the city here compared to KL.


2)Not having a car isn’t that great big of a deal, since everywhere you want to go is very convi via MRT, Bus,Cab. I’ve so far relied on just the MRT to get around places and it hasn’t been that much of a problem for me since everything is almost walking distance away from the MRT. Super loving the fact that I can leave my room door at bout 8.40am and reach my work place before 9am. However, these people aren’t kidding about the working crowd @.@ This is something I still can’t get used to , perhaps in time I might, but I hardly doubt I can get used to the crowd here as it does sometimes get abit overwhelming

3) The MRT is just slightly over a minute walk away from my place, so this makes my life so easy just wanting to get around places at night. As a result, I’ve managed to find my way to one of the juggling sessions the past few nights(still think my directional skills are non existence). Gymming will probably be much easier now because I no longer have to worry about parking/safety issues.

Anyways, can we take a moment to appreciate glowing diabolos?

right, let’s get back to the topic


4)The cabbing system here is amazing! So on the days I refuse to take the MRT for whatever reasons, I take the cab! You can hail a cab in diff ways here

  • Hail a cab by the street
  • Wait at the cab queue
  • Use the taxi applications from your smartphone
  • TEXT the general cab hailing number with your postal code and wait for a reply

Like seriously, text a number and you get a cab all ready for you. Unbelievable

Postal Code

5) If there’s anything I absolutely LOVE about Singapore, and I know it’s abit of a weird one, is the fact that you can find buildings/locations just by it’s postal code! Alan told me about this awhile back when I were trying to figure out one of the addresses to the building. He just casually told me to give him the postal code and next thing you know we found the place! Honestly, this is like the best thing ever because all I gotta do is key in the precious 6 digit postal code and I’ll be less lost!

Trash Chute

6) Yup, I’ve officially gone nuts talking about trash chutes lol.Perhaps this varies in different HDB but mine has this rubbish chute installed in my place. All I gotta do is tie my rubbish bag up and chuck it into the chute and that’s all I’ve gotta do to take the trash out! I wished they have the same system in our condo back in Malaysia too man, how convi!


7) Right, gotta be real honest here. Food here is good, but I have to admit that it’s not as good as the food we get back in Malaysia. I’ve had Pan Mee, Nasi Lemak withdrawal symptoms and it’s been really painful to have meals that are just less satisfactory.


8) Coffee however, is amazing here. I’ve had really good coffee in most the cafes I’ve been too and I’ve really been enjoying just drinking coffee here. Still do take my tea every morning but now, I officially have the dilemma of having to decide whether I want tea or coffee when in a cafe(oh the horror lol)

So far that’s pretty much about it, the little things that I find bit different compared to when I lived in KL(trust me the food issue is a real major prob for me so I’ll have to find a way around it) .
Happy Wednesday Guys!

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